3 Watering Tips for Beautiful Grass

Having a lush, green lawn in the dead of summer isn’t as tricky or time consuming as you may think. Avoid having your grass look like a hay field with these 3 watering tips:

1. Choose the right sprinkler

By far, the least time-consuming, most energy efficient and water-saving route to watering is having an in-ground sprinkler system. Your irrigation specialist will come and examine your yard and plan out a system which is perfect for your needs. An automatic irrigation system will be timed to come on at the perfect time of day, for the right amount of time and in exactly the right spots so you are not watering unnecessarily, wasting water and your time. Plus, they will come with a rain sensor, so unless you’ve had a dry spell, the sprinklers will not come on.

A manual sprinkler, either one that moves in an arc, like ones we used to run through as kids, or one that turns in a circular pattern can also be effective, but you’ll have to pay attention for how long it’s been in a certain spot before having to move it to another, otherwise there is a danger in over- or under-watering. Also, it can be a waste of water if you’re unnecessarily watering the sidewalk or your fence since manual sprinklers can be tricky to adjust.

2. Morning is Best

Watering first thing in the morning is ideal, as it will be able to penetrate the ground before the sun heats up and evaporates the water before it can have any effect. Also, the sun could actually heat up and magnify the water so it could burn your grass. It’s also best to not water if it’s too windy as that will speed up evaporation. This is also another great reason for having an automatic watering system – who wants to get up at 6am to set the sprinkler?
If you miss out watering in the morning, wait until the evening hours. Watch out for over-watering or forgetting to shut the water off as evening and through the night is naturally damp because of dew and could be a breeding ground for disease or fungi which could wreck your grass.

3. Water Thoroughly and Less Often

In order for a thorough watering, your yard needs about an inch of water. If you stick to this, you’ll only need to water your lawn every 5 days, or so, which will save you money and water consumption.

If you’re using an in-ground sprinkler system, the irrigation company will have set a perfect output amount, but if you’re using a manual sprinkler, there’s a simple way to make sure you’re watering for the right amount of time: Get a container with straight sides, like a jar, and set it in the sprinkler stream for 15 minutes. Measure how much water is in the jar and then figure out how long you’ll need to run the sprinkler for to add up to 1 inch or water.