Best Practice Watering Tips

When the snow melts and ground dries, spring really begins. Already, the earliest spring flowers are beginning to sprout in Ontario. Lawn enthusiasts are always looking for an edge to keep their grass green and healthy, and an irrigation system may be just what you’re looking for. An inground sprinkler system is an excellent investment to maximize the overall appeal and look of your home.

Best Time To Water
Springtime in Ontario is typically not a dry time of year, but whether you’re planting grass seeds, bulbs, or vegetable seeds, extra watering may be needed. Seeds will deliver the best results if kept moist during germination.

The best time of day to water, in our climate, is between 6-10AM. This is especially important when the hot weather sets in as watering at night leaves water on the plants overnight promoting fungus and other diseases. Watering during the hottest part of the day means plants are cooled, but more moisture is lost to the air and water may not reach plant roots.

How Much Water Is Reaching The Soil
It’s simple plant math – too much water promotes fungus and disease, too little water and the plant stresses and withers. Some plant species, such as some drought-resistant grasses, will simply go dormant, others will dry up and die.

In order to determine how much water is actually reaching the plant roots, collect some empty cat food tins or tuna cans – any open mouth straight sided container. When the lawn gets watered, when it rains, see how much water is reaching the ground. Are all parts of your yard receiving the necessary amounts of water? Dig about six inches into the soil, that’s about how deep the water needs to penetrate. Is enough water being delivered?

The Perils Of Watering Too Frequently
When plants receive an abundance of water, the roots stay shallow which leaves the plant exposed during seasons of high temperatures or drought. For lawns especially, encourage deep root growth by watering deeply and infrequently.

By keeping track of how much moisture is reaching the soil, you can better predict how deeply the water has penetrated the soil and roots. New housing developments often have hard packed soil and water penetration can be a problem – the water won’t soak in. If compaction is a problem with your lawn, water in stages so water can penetrate deeply and not just run off the surface.

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