Customizing Your In Ground Sprinkler Systems to Save You Money!

You already know that watering your property manually takes time, and it costs money. At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, we want you to know that there are other solutions. We have been installing in-ground Irrigation systems across Ottawa and the surrounding area for years. The systems we install improve the look and maintenance load of lawns and gardens, making it easier for you to simply enjoy your space!

A lush, green lawn can do wonders for your property value. Imagine the savings you will achieve when you combine the money you save by using a totally customized in-ground sprinkler system and your increased property value! Custom irrigation systems are more intelligent than manual watering plans in more ways than one.

Weather Sensing Irrigation Controls
At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa we use the Toro line of sprinklers. These incredibly efficient machines receive daily satellite-transmitted weather information that automatically increase or decrease the amount of water used. The Toro sprinklers work first by using its WeatherTRAK software to establish a baseline watering plan for the specific zone it is located in. Then, using real-time weather data adjusts this watering plan accordingly. You won’t have to wait years to see savings from this sprinkler.

The Toro sprinkler takes into account local precipitation rate, plant type and root depth, soil type, usable rainfall, sprinkler location, and more to give your property the right amount of water, every day. Automatic weather sensing sprinkler have been proven to make your lawn healthier and more attractive than ever. And with no wasted resources, you will have the savings to show for it!

Smart Meter Billing
Every city, Ottawa included, charges properties based on the amount of water that they use. In Ottawa you will be billed once every two months, and are calculated either by a meter readings, or estimated based on the previous year’s consumption. Ottawa has recently begun using Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). These new meters will be gradually replacing outdated meters. Instead of having to manually read the amount of water used, it will be radio transmitted in real time and used to calculate what you owe. The benefit to you, is that you will no longer be billed using estimates. Instead, you will only pay for the water you use. The amount of water used by the In-ground irrigation systems will automatically be logged into the meter making sure that you receive an accurate bill every time.

Time is Money!
You probably already know that the best time to water your lawn - especially during the summer - is first thing in the morning. If you wait until after work or into the evening, your lawn may have already been damaged by a hot summer day, or depending on the weather, it will simply evaporate before it can make a difference. Mornings are hectic though, and to avoid peak hour electricity use you’ll have to water your lawn before 7:00 am. Automated, custom in-ground irrigation systems allow you to make the best use of both your time, and your dollar.