Escape the Flood with Proper Lawn Drainage

Spring is here, and it’s about time to enjoy the weather! This also means that lawn maintenance has begun and that includes effective Ottawa irrigation services. A good irrigation system and lawn maintenance routine will embrace drainage techniques to direct any potential floods and standing water away from your lawn.

Many homeowners don’t know how to use drainage to their benefit. Fortunately, the experts from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa are here to show you the way. With the right blend of Nutri-Lawn irrigation services and at-home drainage practices, your lawn will emerge from spring safe and sound.

Don’t drown your lawn
Some homeowners make the mistake of starting their Ottawa irrigation services too early. In this case, the early bird doesn’t get the worm. Timing is everything when it comes to your irrigation system and you need to wait to begin watering until the ground has thawed all the way.

Once the ground has softened, make sure to maintain a proper watering schedule as discussed with your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa expert. This means early morning watering, only 1-2 inches weekly.

Flatten the mountains
Early spring is a critical time for setting your irrigation system and lawn maintenance. This is the borderlands season – snow is still lingering, but the weather is slowly warming. If you want to protect your lawn from major flooding, then you need to make sure that lingering snow isn’t forming mounds on your grass. In other words, shift the snow. Flatten it out to avoid large puddles from gathering, and if you can, shift it towards the perimeter of your lawn to encourage the thaw to drift away into the gutters.

Dig trenches
Manipulate the water flow in order to keep your lawn clear. If needed, dig trenches into your lawn to redirect water, all the while making sure not to damage your existing irrigation system. If you have gardens or flowerbeds, trenches are a great way to get water to new blossoms when spring starts. You can also redirect some trenches towards street level to drain into gutters.

The two most common residential trenches found in Ottawa irrigation services are the French drain and downspout drain. Talk to a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa specialist to find out which one will be best for your home.

Invest in rain harvesting
When it comes to spring, melting snow isn’t the only way that your lawn can flood. The rains will give your Nutri-Lawn irrigation services a run for their money – and not in a way that will benefit your lawn! Rain harvesting is a great way to use the heavy showers to your benefit.

An easy way to harvest rain is with rain barrels. These need to be positioned in the areas of your lawn that experience heavy downpour or dripping. For instance, under eaves is an ideal spot for rain barrels. Once filled with water, these barrels can be used to feed your irrigation system. This is water conservation at its finest.

Keep up on maintenance
Now that you’ve invested time and money in creating proper drainage in your Nutri-Lawn irrigation program, you want to make sure that your barrels, trenches, and basins are in the clear. Just like clogged drains cannot function to their full effectiveness, nor can your drainage system.

It’s never too early to start thinking about Nutri-Lawn irrigation services! Contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today for your complimentary consultation. You’ll be glad you did!