"Green" Up Your Inground Sprinkler Services This Spring

Now that your lawn is getting its green tones back, why not join in on the colouring? Go green with your Ottawa inground irrigation and lawn care practices. There are tons of ways to gain an eco-friendly status in your neighbourhood. Not only is this great for encouraging the rest of your neighbours to opt for sustainable inground sprinkler practices, but green lawn care is also much healthier for your lawn.

The first step is using water conserving Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler systems. To find out more about this, and for other green lawn care methods from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, read on.

Eco-friendly inground sprinkler services
Take charge of your lawn’s health and sustainability with Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler systems. An important aspect of eco-friendly Ottawa inground irrigation is the rain sensor. Rain sensors will monitor water levels received by your lawn to make sure your irrigation isn’t running when it isn’t needed. The system will automatically turn off your scheduled irrigation following a good rain as there is enough moisture in your soil.

Keep in mind that your grass only needs 1-2 inches of water a week. It’s also essential that you choose the right time of day for your Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler system to run. Early morning watering is best. Pre-dawn lets your lawn soak up the water without the heat of the day, while the coming sun will help remove any excess.

Talk to a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa expert about more ways your Ottawa inground irrigation can be adapted to support green methods.

Take charge of weeds and insects
Think your lawn needs chemicals to be free of insects and weeds? Think again. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa has eco-friendly methods for both of these concerns. Fiesta is our chosen form of weed control that is completely safe to your pets, your plants, and your children.

Finally, nematodes will protect your lawn from nasty grubs that eat your lawn’s root system and weaken your grass. Nematodes are organisms that are natural predators to grubs, and therefore entirely safe for your entire family.

Compost for healthier roots
If you have a good lawn care regimen in place, chances are you have a fertilizer routine. Good fertilizer isn’t harmful to the environment, but over use is. So in order to reduce your home’s waste and maintain a great lawn, incorporate composting.

Compost is simple to produce using organic kitchen and lawn waste. It’s a self-renewing fertilizer that will save you money, and help you recycle better. Make sure to double check what can and cannot be composted to create fertilizer. One important thing to remember is that your compost will need regular watering from your inground sprinkler system in order to decompose. You can ask a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa expert any questions you may have about composting.

Don’t wait until it’s too late in the season to begin using an eco-friendly inground sprinkler system and lawn care program. Receive your complimentary consultation on Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler system design and installation today!