How Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Keeps The City of Ottawa Green

For over twenty years, Nutri-Lawn has been keeping the City of Ottawa in the green. In fact, we are Ottawa’s largest in-ground sprinkler provider! Keeping a city as large and beautiful as Ottawa looking its best is a full time job. And yet, Nutri-Lawn does more than keep your property looking fantastic. We make it a priority to give back to our community. We understand the importance of a supportive, inclusive community - which is why we stay on the forefront of community endeavors.

Our Ottawa Clients
Nutri-Lawn is proud to have clients across Ottawa and the surrounding area. To be honest, we love driving through the city seeing the green lawns and well maintained properties that we put a lot of work into! Over the past twenty years, we have worked hard to earn a reputation for diligence and integrity. As a result, we have the opportunity to keep some pretty important lawns looking good. For example, our clients include: The City of Ottawa, TD Place, Minto Regional Properties, Mattamy Homes, Claridge Homes, Tamarack Homes, Tartan Homes, and more.

Ottawa’s Local Irrigation Expert
At Nutri-Lawn, we don’t just focus on the lawns of Ottawa residents, we focus on the residents themselves! We know how important it is to have benefit not just the environment at large, but also our community, and the individuals that live in it. We work hard to ensure that our services improve not just front lawns, but also lives. Our team is made up of motivated, community conscious locals. We hire people who love Ottawa, and want to make it their home.

Re: nourish
As an individual, everything you do makes a difference. As a company, you can make those actions speak even louder. Our motto at Nutri-Lawn is that “we nourish lawns and lives.” Building on this theme, we started the re:nourish program. The purpose of this initiative is to contribute to our community in a meaningful way. We find projects that we identify with, and then learn how to use our unique set of skills to contribute to it. Together, we come up with a way that Nutri-Lawn can make a difference, and help the project succeed. While it may be Nutri-Lawn footing the bill, it’s the motivation of our entire team who is making the difference!

Re: Nourish Project: “Grocery Giveaway!”
At each of our locations, members of the Nutri-Lawn team keep their ears to the well-manicured ground in search of community initiatives. Most recently, the St. John’s Nutri-Lawn team ran a “Grocery Giveaway” Campaign! In addition to movie passes, and McDonalds gift cards, two families received a $100 Loblaws gift certificate. Meanwhile, last year our Barrie team collected over 500 pounds of food in their two month food drive, and donated it to the Barrie Food Bank.