How Push Reel Mowers Benefit Your Inground Sprinkler System

Spring is back, and that means that lawn maintenance activities have started up again including your Ottawa irrigation services. If you want to make the most out of your lawn care program, then you’ll want to invest in eco-friendly practices. And one way to maximize the benefits of your lawn care practices is with a push reel mower.

Nutri-Lawn Ottawa has begun advocating push reels to its customers for the economic, environmental, and lawn care advantages. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa believes the best lawn care practices should also help out Mother Nature. As such, here are some reasons we think your irrigation system could benefit from a push reel mower.

Save your ecosystem
Many homeowners believe that their gas-powered mowers aren’t having a huge impact on the environment. Yet, you may be shocked to find out exactly how large an impact your mower has on the atmosphere.

USEPA released a study that revealed that gas-powered mowers actually generate 11 times the amount of pollution that modern engineered vehicles produce. When you think about it, that’s a lot of pollution going into your lawn, and entering your Ottawa irrigation services. Who would have thought a little mower could generate so many harmful emissions?

Save economically
Right away you’ll begin saving with a push reel mower. The initial upfront costs of a gas-powered are exponentially higher than those of a push reel. Next, you need to keep your gas-powered mowers well fuelled and well maintained. With push reels you can completely scrap the costs of fuel.

Push-reels are less money to maintain as well. These mowers have fewer parts and therefore there is less chance of break down than gas-powered. That means you’ll also reduce your maintenance costs, and be able to invest in an efficient irrigation system.

Save your lawn
Beyond the economic and environmental benefits of the push reel, it will also complement your Nutri-Lawn irrigation services in creating a stronger lawn. Gas-powered mowers tear and rip at your grass in ways you’d never expect. This tearing weakens each blade and works against your inground sprinkler systems.

If you want a cleaner, healthier cut that is going to make the full potential of your Ottawa irrigation services, then go with a push mower. These will make sure that your grass blades are drinking up your water and nutrients and will not let anything go to waste.

Meditation and exercise
Push reel mowers can help out more than just your grass and your inground sprinkler system. Many Nutri-Lawn Ottawa push reel owners explain the meditative and fitness factors of using these old-fashioned machines. The repetitive back and forth across the lawn is not only meditative to you, but it’s quiet and non-disruptive to your neighbours.

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