Mulch More than just decoration

We’ve all seen how beautiful a freshly mulched garden is, but did you know that there are more than just aesthetic reasons for using mulch? Mulch has several other benefits if used correctly that will maximize your landscaping efforts and create a friendly, time saving, water saving investment. Mulch saves water, saves time, enriches the soil, prevents compaction, promotes root growth, and helps control weeds as well as enhances the aesthetics of your landscape.

Although mulch can be applied nearly any time of year, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the mulch it is preferable to apply the mulch in the early spring or late fall. Applying in the early spring will help protect the plantings and the soil during the dry summer months, while mulching in the fall will protect and insulate the plants during the cold winter months.

Getting Started
Before you place your mulch it is important to make sure the area is properly prepared for it. It is unlikely that a layer of much will kill a well-established plant so it’s best to remove all unwanted plants and weeds from the area before applying the mulch. Also, the area should be graded to prevent the mulch from being too thick or too thin. Too little mulch and the underlying plant and soil will not be protected from the hot summer sun, while too much mulch can prevent moisture from penetrating through to the underlying soil.

Benefits of Mulch
Water Conservation
A layer of mulch can help a sprinkler system be more efficient by keeping the underlying soils from drying out in the heat and wind. This will reduce the amount of water required to keep the plants healthy. Mulch can greatly increase the efficiency of your sprinkler system.

Weed Control
One of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a garden is controlling the weeds. A layer of mulch can help to minimize unwanted weeds by creating a physical barrier between the rich fertile soil and the sun. This physical barrier doesn’t give weeds a chance to sprout or take root.
Improve Soil Quality
An often overlooked benefit to mulching gardens is the effect it has on the soil. An organic mulch can help to increase the fertility of a soil by providing nutrients to the soil directly, or indirectly by providing food for earthworms and other microorganisms. It’s easy to become dependent on synthetic fertilizers, whereas mulch provides an eco-friendly natural solution. Why pay extra for fertilizer when mulch can pull double duty.
If you’ve already invested in a sprinkler system or are considering it, it makes sense to maximize the investment in a great looking yard. Mulch can greatly improve the aesthetics of your yard by tying the landscape together with a consistent background texture or colour, or by contrasting textures and colours to create depth. The options for mulch are nearly endless and the benefits are plentiful!

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