Protect Your Flowers with Inground Sprinkler Systems

Winter is coming! It's not just your inground sprinkler systems and landscaping that needs winter preparation. If you want to enjoy spring blossoms and summer blooms, you need to prepare your flowers for the dormancy and freezing temperatures of winter. This will require a gentle combination of Ottawa residential irrigation and lawn care routines. These techniques are simple adjustments to your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground irrigation and lawn maintenance. Read on to find out how to protect your flowers.

Keep bulbs safe
As the ground freezes, your bulbs run the risk of being pushed to the surface of the soil. Freezing soil contracts, and the pressure pushes up against the bulbs. To stop this from happening, lay down evergreen boughs around the areas where you have bulbs. These stop shifting or cracking that could occur in the soil.

Create thick, organic compost
You can't expect compost from the spring to continue feeding your lawn into the winter. Lay down new compost mulch over your flowerbeds and around your trees. To insulate the lawn, make sure to lay down a thick layer. It's not that you want hot soil for your flowers, but you want a balanced, even temperature. If your lawn freezes, you want it to stay frozen to avoid inconsistency.

Use active and warm organic mulch to get the best results. Make sure to feed your mulch regularly with your inground sprinkler systems before the cold temperatures come on. This mulch is the best kind to eliminate weeds and disease pathogens. Organic compost mulch naturally kill these plant murderers.

Trim back dead leaves
On both annual and perennial plants, trim back dead foliage. Any blackened stems should also be cut away to remove any remnant insect eggs or disease spores that may have collected on your plants over the summer months. Any Ottawa residential irrigation will be sapped up by these little foes.

Make sure to clean up the dead leaves surrounding your plants, as well. These can go into your compost. While you're adding to the pile and watering it with your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground irrigation, sort through to make sure there aren't any dubious or questionable pieces of organic matter in the compost. These can compromise its ability to kill weeds and fungi, and compromise its ability to fertilize your lawn.

Screen your trees from wind
Saplings and even mature trees can be deeply affected by wind chill. In fact, these can destroy young trees, regardless of how well you've treated them with your inground sprinkler systems.

To protect your trees, wrap a burlap screen around your saplings and trees. Wire and mesh wraps can also do a great job of protecting your trees.

Winterize your flowerbeds properly before the ground has time to freeze. If you've already winterized your Ottawa residential irrigation, use a hose to keep your compost fresh and active without having to redo your winterization blow out. Get a complimentary quote from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground irrigation today.