Welcome Spring by Revitalizing Your Inground Sprinkler System

Spring is almost here, and it’s time to bring your Ottawa irrigation services back to life! It’s been a long winter, and your inground sprinkler system needs careful attention to make sure it is offering your lawn the best irrigation services possible. If your lawn was properly winterized, hopefully, there is little to no damage to the pipes and heads themselves. Once you’ve figured that out, you can begin adjusting your inground sprinkler systems to a proper springtime schedule.

Nutri-Lawn irrigation services can help you get your inground sprinkler systems in working order for spring and summer. In the meantime, here are some tips from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa to get you started.

Hold Your Hoses
Good Ottawa irrigation services are all about timing. You don’t want to start watering your lawn too early, because you could cause more harm than good. If it’s still the rainy season, chances are your lawn doesn’t need any extra watering help from your Nutri-Lawn irrigation services.

Another determining factor is the amount of snow still on the ground. If there are still a few mounds left in the neighbourhood or around your yard, hold the inground sprinkler systems. Wait until the big thaw – and that means the thaw of your soil, as well. If your ground is still frozen, there’s no point starting up your Nutri-Lawn irrigation services, because none of the water will get through to your grass roots.

Invest in a Rain Sensor
Sometimes it’s hard to know when your lawn could use a little more water after a rain. If it was just a drizzle, then maybe your inground sprinkler systems should run. Or should they? Get rid of the guesswork with a rain sensor from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa.

Rain sensors will be able to monitor when your lawn needs more water, or if it’s just right. It will automatically turn on or switch off your irrigation treatments based on its findings. A sensor will prevent overwatering, which can bring about disease and mould.

Create a Schedule
Like we said, great irrigation services are about timing. Set up a schedule for your inground sprinkler system. Part of this is making sure your lawn is only being watered the amount that it needs, and another part is adjusting what time of day the lawn is watered.

Don’t fall into the urban legend trap that lawns are best watered at night. In fact, watering at night can encourage fungi, as water is allowed to sit on your lawn in the cool hours before dawn. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa recommends watering in the early hours of morning instead. It will be cool enough to allow your lawn to absorb water, but the oncoming sun will soak up excess. In total, your lawn only needs 1” to 2” of water per week.

Use Conservation Methods
If you have a rain sensor on your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler systems, then you’re already taking steps towards water conservation. The next thing you can do is to dig drainage trenches into your gardens to shift water away from forming puddles on your lawn, and into areas that need extra help.

Next, try using rain barrels. During the rainy season, rain barrels can become a central source of irrigation for your gardens and lawn. These allow your irrigation system time to relax a little, saving you money on your water bills.

Get started on the best inground sprinkler systems for spring with Nutri-Lawn Ottawa. Receive your complimentary consultation today!