The Ins and Outs of Overseeding and Inground Irrigation

Winter is finally on its way out, and your lawn doesn’t look quite like the verdant luscious lawn you want it to be. Chances are, there are brown patches on your lawn following winter, and that’s certainly not a pretty sight. Spring Ottawa irrigation services are only one aspect of creating a healthy lawn. Overseeding is another service offered by Nutri-Lawn Ottawa that will help you strengthen and thicken your lawn before summer.

Your inground sprinkler system will thank you for this spring maintenance improvement. Read on to find out how overseeding can assist your Nutri-Lawn irrigation system.

What’s overseeding?
Overseeding is a simple process. All it involves is prepping the lawn that may have seen better days, and adding an application of new grass seed. Homeowners may decide to take the opportunity to plant a different type of grass that is more resilient to the diseases, insects, and weeds common in their area.

How do you overseed?
As mentioned, overseeding isn’t an overly complex process. Some homeowners even choose to do it themselves, though there are many benefits to bringing in Nutri-Lawn Ottawa lawn care and irrigation experts. Regardless of what you choose, it’s important to know the process.

The first step of overseeding is removing the old grass from your lawn. Use a rake to remove thatch and all the patchy areas of your lawn. You can put these materials in your compost, if you have one. After that, reduce compaction and create a soft bed for the new seed to root. Mix in fertilizer, compost, or manure once the soil is prepped.

Finally, pick the right seed to plant. As mentioned, this is the ideal time to choose the right seed for your lawn. Native grasses are best, as they require far less maintenance than grasses that aren’t acclimatized to your region. Native grasses can withstand local insects, diseases, and weather. Once you’ve chosen your seed, it’s time to plant. And then switch on your irrigation system to ensure your new seed gets plenty of water and nutrients!

As mentioned, this is the ideal time to bring in a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa expert. We can help you select the right seed for your lawn, and adjust your inground sprinkler system to the proper schedule to maximize the growth of your new grass.

When should you overseed?
Overseeding is best done during the temperate seasons. You don’t want fresh seed in extreme weather conditions. Planting is ideal in early fall, but if you didn’t overseed then, spring is a great time too. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa experts can help you decide when it’s best to overseed. Similar to starting up your inground sprinkler system for spring, the right time to overseed is really dependent on the weather.

Why overseed?
There are numerous benefits to taking advantage of your Nutri-Lawn irrigation services with overseeding - the most obvious of which is the enhanced curb appeal! Dead and barren patches on your lawn don’t create a nice view, and are almost impossible to fix with your irrigation system alone. Overseeding can create a thick, luscious lawn for summer.

Also remember the increased resilience of your lawn. This lessens the load for your irrigation system. A stronger lawn means your inground sprinkler system won’t have to work so hard, and will therefore allow you to conserve water. A fortified lawn also reduces the amount of fertilizer your lawn will require.

Don’t wait a minute longer to plan your Nutri-Lawn irrigation system design and installation for spring. Receive your complimentary quote from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today!