Use In-Ground Irrigation to Keep Your Lawn Looking It's Best All Summer

Watering your lawn during the summer is a crucial part of keeping your lawn looking green and healthy! But how do you know when your lawn has had enough. Watering too much, or too little at the wrong time is the most common way of wasting water on your beautiful property during the summer.

Water at the Right Time
The best time to water your lawn is first thing in the morning, before the heat of the day encourages rapid water evaporation. Watering anytime after 9:00am during the months of July and August is near fruitless. It is also wasteful. Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn, install a custom in-ground sprinkler system that is programmed to water your lawn long before you are even awake! By watering your lawn early in the day it will be prepared for the summer heat.

In-Ground Irrigation With Weather Sensors
Even during Ottawa’s hot hot summers, rainy periods do happen! Instead of guestimating how much water your lawn needs to look its best, use weather sensors on your in-ground irrigation to make the most accurate calculations possible. Weather sensors take into account how much rain has fallen, and how much water each zone of your property requires. Then, it waters accordingly. Weather sensors on in-ground irrigation make sense not just for your town’s water supply, but also the environment at large, and your wallet.

Water Differently
Not every area on your property requires the same amount of water. Shrubs, trees, grass, flowers, vegetables, etc all require slightly different amounts of water. A custom in-ground irrigation system takes this into account. Using individualized sprinkler heads each programmed to a different setting, you can make the best use of your resources to nourish your lawn.

Furthermore, different areas of your property can use different styles of in-ground irrigation. Your lawn is best watered by pop-up sprinklers located strategically around your property so that nowhere is neglected. Meanwhile, flowerbeds and raised vegetable gardens benefit the most from in-ground drip irrigation. Not only is it completely invisible, but it too can be programmed with weather sensors to take into account precipitation.

Water Wisely
If you have the opportunity to plan your landscaping from the ground up, you will have the enviable chance to choose plants, flowers, and grasses that are well suited to your particular climate! Like a lot of Ontario, Ottawa experiences hot summers and frigid winters. So, Ottawa homeowners need a grass that is well suited to the heat, but can also make it through the winter. At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa we can suggest a beautiful native grass that is both your style, and suited to our unique climate.

Using custom in-ground irrigation means that you can spend more time doing what you love this summer, and less time walking around your lawn with the hose. It also means that each and every one of your plants, and your entire lawn will get the correct amount of water administered at the right time of day. By not overwatering you will save money, and benefit the environment!