Using In-Ground Irrigation to Combat Lawn Pests

You’ve got the mowing under control, but why are all these pesky lawn bugs still rearing their ugly heads? You should take it as a compliment. Your lawn is so nice, that bugs can’t get enough of it! Not all compliments are appreciated though. Especially when it means that the health and appearance of your lawn is at stake! Did you know that in-ground irrigation systems can actually help you reduce the negative side effects of pesky lawn bugs? It’s true! One of the most prevalent lawn pests plaguing Ottawa lawns are grubs.

Identifying A Grub Problem
To determine whether or not your lawn is home to greedy grubs start by lifting up a 10 cm x 10 cm square of sod. Flip the patch over and look underneath for these “C” shaped critters. Instead of lifting up a healthy looking area, find a brown spot that you haven’t been able to recover using water. Alternatively, focus on the areas that your family pet makes a beeline for. Dogs, cats, raccoons, and skunks love unearthing grubs. Then, assess the rest of your lawn: Does your lawn always feel spongy, even if you haven’t just watered it? Can you recall if there were any large, brown spots last fall? These are both telltale signs of grub presence.

June Beetle and European Chafer Grub
The most common grubs on Ottawa lawns are the June Beetle and the European Chafer Grub. You can tell them apart by the underside of their abdomen. A June Beetle has two parallel spines that come together at both ends. Meanwhile, the spine of the European Chafer forms a narrow “V” that separates at one end. Our experienced Nutri-Lawn team members have years of practice telling apart different lawn pests, and treating them individually.

Ottawa Lawn Care: Reducing Grub Damage
Most lawns, if they are healthy and flourishing can withstand a certain amount of grub activity. However, should the health of your lawn take a nose dive, you are going to notice the negative effects of grub presence. A healthy lawn is home to a stronger, more established root system that won’t take as much of a hit should grubs have a go at it. Meanwhile, a damaged lawn will have shallower, fragile roots that are more susceptible to grub damage.

Grubs are an inevitable part of your lawn. They are going to exist. So, instead of waiting until its too late, or hoping that they skip your home, practice correct cultural practice and keep your lawn as healthy as possible. One of the best ways to propagate healthy root development is accurate and proper irrigation. An in-ground sprinkler system that is programmed to water at the best time of the day, and administer the right amount of water is the best way of warding off grubs. Custom in-ground irrigation systems installed by Nutri - Lawn Irrigation Ottawa include weather sensors that take into account precipitation and soil conditions that ensure your lawn is at optimal health.

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