Why An Inground Sprinkler System Is Better Than A Garden Hose

A great looking lawn can make your home look great! How do you keep it looking great? We’ve all seen portable sprinkler systems with their hoses and large sprinkler heads. They may get the job done, but it takes a lot of work, will cost you time and money, and the results may be less than desirable. An inground sprinkler system is an investment in the overall appeal and look of your home and property.

3 Ways An Inground Sprinkler Is Better Than A Garden Hose

Where the water is distributed can greatly affect the way a lawn grows. The inground sprinkler system should be designed to account for the soil type, vegetation requirements, amount of shade, and recent rainfall.

Near the base of larger trees and around shrubs can be problem areas for lawns. These larger plants absorb large quantities of moisture from the surrounding soil. In these areas the lawn needs more water to survive. In other cases the vegetation may not require as much water. This is where zones can help.

An inground sprinkler system can be set up in zones to make sure that your lawn is properly watered whether you’re home or on vacation, whether it rained last night or hasn’t rained in weeks. An inground sprinkler system will keep your lawns and gardens growing and looking great.

Water Efficiency
Portable sprinklers may be a lot of fun for the kids, but they are not an efficient way to water your lawn. They do not account for the current moisture level in the soil, they often direct water onto adjoining asphalt or concrete surfaces, and they lose water to the air.

Inground sprinkler systems solve the efficiency issue by including moisture sensors to determine the moisture level in the soil, by placing water at root level to maximize absorption. When installed properly, inground sprinkler systems reduce the amount of water required to keep the lawn looking fresh.

Saves Time
The last way an inground sprinkler system is better than a garden hose and portable sprinkler is the time it will save you. You are in control. A turn of the dial and you deliver water where it’s needed most. Whether it’s the vegetable gardens in the spring, the lawn or flower garden in the summer and fall, the inground sprinkler system will deliver the right amount of water to maximize growth.

Hauling around hoses and sprinklers can be exhausting. Who wants to do that when you could be enjoying the summer on your patio or deck? An inground sprinkler system does the work of keeping your lawn and gardens correctly watered while you enjoy your summer.

For a fantastic lawn this summer, contact the Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Inground Sprinkler System experts.  We can help you every step of the way.