Why You Should Install A Sprinkler System Next Spring

A sprinkler system not only improves the look and performance of your landscaping, but it also cuts on your landscaping costs, your water bill, and the time you spend standing in your backyard with a hose! An in ground sprinkler system from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Irrigation is customized to suit the needs of your unique landscaping program. We use intelligent rain water sensor technology to save on your water consumption while improving the health of your plants and flowers.

Think back to last summer. How many hours did you spend standing in your yard with a watering can, or hose watering your thirsty plants, flowers, trees and shrubs? Perhaps you have a vegetable garden that you also carefully attended to. Did you ever find yourself questioning whether or not you were watering too much or too little? What about your summer holiday? How did you make sure that your plants and flowers were watered? Perhaps you paid someone to stop by and check on your garden, or maybe you just hoped it rained. With an inground irrigation system, you won’t have to leave your lawn’s irrigation up to chance.

Take the Guesswork out of Watering
Each element in your landscaping program requires a different watering protocol. Your flower beds, your lawn, your vegetable garden, the shrubs that line your property, even container plants! Each and every plant and flower that makes your property beautiful needs water to thrive. Staying on top of the needs of each element in your lawn can be both time consuming and confusing. Especially if there is more than one person in your household responsible for lawn care! With an inground irrigation system you can delegate all of the watering tasks to a customizable, programmable irrigation system that knows exactly how much water to use for each plant, shrub, or flower bed.

Opt For Energy Efficient Water Use
Large landscapes are potentially a huge drain on the environment. The amount of water required to keep it looking its best can be a lot. With an in ground irrigation system you can use weather sensors to calculate the amount of precipitation your yard received from natural weather systems, and amend the watering schedule accordingly. During the summer your lawn only needs a few centimeters of water a week to look its best. With our weather sensing sprinkler systems you can use as little water as possible, while harnessing natural precipitation. Not only will this be less of a strain on local water tables, but you will also save money on your water bill!

Sprinkler Systems Save Time and Money
An in ground irrigation system saves you both time and money, allowing you to spend more resources doing the things you love! Perhaps you can redirect your long term savings into building an outdoor kitchen, or taking a nice long vacation - especially now that you know your lawn is getting the water it needs!

To schedule your complimentary consultation for your in ground sprinkler system, contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Irrigation today! It is never too early to start planning for your spring landscaping goals!