Choosing An Irrigation Contractor

Choosing to have a professionally installed inground irrigation system is a smart and efficient way to ensure your lawn and gardens are watered well all season long. This investment is intended to make your life easier, so you'll want to make sure you hire an experienced team that can properly design a system to meet your yard's unique needs.

The contractor should not only design, but install and offer maintenance as well. If they won't service their own work, that should be a red flag. An organized and trustworthy irrigation company should be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make a wise decision.

What To Expect

  • The company should want to view your property in person to determine the best design for the unique needs of your yard and should note the types of plants already growing, soil conditions, and water pressure and source.
  • You should receive a formal estimate. On the estimate, specific products should be detailed as well as total costs for installation and materials.
  • Companies should schedule a service to locate utilities (Bell, Gas, Hydro, Cable, Fibre, etc) before work starts to ensure a seamless installation.
  • You should expect to have minimal or no damage to your lawn and yard, and all debris and trash removed when installation is complete. You should also receive instructions on how to care for your new inground sprinkler system.

Some of the questions our teams are frequently asked include:


We offer a five year warranty to protect your invest and save money on servicing. We've been in business over 20 years, so you can choose us with confidence.

Licensed Plumbers

When required, we recommend using only licensed plumbers for any interior plumbing work. This ensures that the work is done right the first time, and that your interior fixtures aren't affected. This also protects your drinking water from and potential problems.

What Products Do You Use?

Only the best! At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Irrigation, we carry professional products from the three major brands: Hunter, Rainbird and Toro. These brands have proven to have high quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. You won't find this quality from a hardware store irrigation system.

Can An Inground Sprinkler System Really Conserve Water?

Yes! We offer a 'Smart Water System' option with all our quotes. These additional components can reduce water consumption by 50% through the use of rain sensors, advanced timers, and multiple zone designs. Our Smart Systems ensure that your sprinklers will never come on in the rain, force you to reset the timers after a power outage, and adjust automatically to seasonal changes or extreme weather.

When you install a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground irrigation system, optional smart components can account for different plant types, measure wind speeds, air temperature, soil moisture and calculate evapotranspiration rates by zones in your landscape. So, the trees never suffer and the lawn isn't overwatered. There's no more guesswork involved and no more overwatering. Read more about that here.

Contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Irrigation today to find out what a custom irrigation system can do for your lawn! We are happy to help!