Four Watering Tips For July Heat Waves

We've had several multi-day stretches of 30+ degree weather already this season. The hot July temperatures are definitely here to stay. How is your garden handling these high temps? Is your garden growing and thriving or is it wilting and browning in the heat?

Water is a precious resource and no one wants to waste it, but there are smart ways to water your garden to conserve water and bring about optimal results at the same time. You don't have to compromise. We think installing an inground sprinkler system is the most efficient way to water your garden, but we've compiled four tips below to consider when watering this summer.

Water Deep

Apply enough water each time you water for the water to reach the roots of the plants in your garden. Try to avoid wetting the top layer of soil because this promotes shallow root growth. Plants with shallow roots are more susceptible to wind, drought, and other problems. As the water reaches root level, plants will seek out and reach out for the moisture and this encourages stronger roots.

Let The Soil Dry

Leave enough time between waterings to let the soil dry out. The soil shouldn't be constantly wet because this promotes root rot and other problems. When the soil is allowed to dry between watering, plants again will seek out and search for water encouraging deeper stronger roots. How do you tell if the soil is dry? Don't wait until your garden looks like a hard-baked desert. Dry soil will either turn hard and get packed down, or will become almost dust like when you pick it up.

Don't wait too long between watering though. Roots that don't receive enough water will stress and the plant won't thrive. It may produce smaller fruit or stop flowering in self-preservation.

Water Early

Avoid watering during the hottest time of the day when the air collects a lot of moisture before it can be absorbed by the soil. Avoid watering later at night. Though it's cooler, plants that stay wet all night are more prone to mold and fungus. Instead, wake up with the early birds and water earlier in the morning before it heats us.

Water Smart

One way to conserve water is to program your irrigation system to come on at optimal times. Take the guess work out of watering by installing smart sensors that are able to tell how dry the soil is and know how much water to delivery to promote deep root growth. The experts at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Irrigation can help you choose the right sensor for your needs.

Soaker hoses deliver water directly to the soil and keep leaves dry in hot weather. Install a rain barrel to capture the water runoff from your roof. It will rain again and when it does you can use that water instead of turning on the tap. The collected rain can be used to water gardens manually, or install a drip irrigation line with the rain barrel to water gardens or containers.

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