In-ground Sprinklers Prevent Grub Damage

Just as you take an extra few moments to pick through the fruit and veggies at the grocery story to ensure you're getting the best produce, lawn pests prefer healthy lawns too. They're high class like that. So now what? You've spent time and effort creating this beautiful lawn, and now pests are creating dead patches and causing other problems.

Our experts put together a short list of the most common lawn pests in the Ottawa area. If you are trying to eradicate any of these, give our professional team a call and request a free quote.


There are several varieties of grubs and grub-like beggars that may be munching on your lawn. First, lift up a small section of lawn and look. This is the easiest way to tell if they're the culprit causing the problem.

June Beetles, European Chafer Grub, European Crane Fly - these are a few of the most commonly found pests in Ottawa lawns. Most lawns, healthy lawns, are able to repair the minimal damage caused by these pests without your intervention. It is disturbing to find them in your lawn however.

Typically, the damage from grubs is dead patches of grass. There usually needs to be a large infestation to cause significant or even visible damage to a healthy lawn. These pests are voracious eaters, but only for a short time so the grass has the remainder of the season to recover.

What If My Lawn Isn't Healthy?

Well, now you have a problem. Lawns already stressed by improper mowing techniques, poor fertilization, poor drainage or soil compaction, a thatch problem, too much shade or a number of other problems are vulnerable to pests and disease.

Where a healthy lawn can repair the minimal damage causes by grubs, a lawn already struggling to survive will wither and die, often in unsightly patches. Grubs are inevitable, but they don't have to be harmful.

How Irrigation Prevents Grub Damage

One of the best ways to encourage healthy and thick lawns that recover from lawn pests is to encourage deep root growth. Watering frequently without allowing the moisture to penetrate into the deeper layers of soil encourages plants to have shallow roots. Plants with shallow roots dry out and are more vulnerable to drought, heat, and pests.

An in-ground sprinkler system is programmed to water at the time of day and deliver the right amount of water to ensure that moisture penetrates deep enough to encourage deep root growth. Custom in-ground irrigation systems by Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Ottawa include smart technology such as weather sensors to take into account precipitation and soil conditions. This helps ensure your lawn always receives the optimal amount of moisture needed to stay green and thick, with deep roots to help your lawn withstand whatever the weather or grubs can throw at it.

Using an in-ground irrigation system means you'll use water more efficiently. No more watering during the hottest time of the day or during a rain storm. No more watering your driveway or sidewalk.

To learn more about how an in-ground sprinkler system can improve the health of your lawn, call Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Ottawa today! Request a consultation online.