Combating Grubs with Your Inground Sprinkler System

Spring blooms aren't the only thing popping up around your yard in April. Insects that have been kept at bay by the cold winter months are starting to rise with the temperature, and they're hungry for your grass. Grubs are one inset that can make an absolute mess of your lawn if left alone. To combat grubs, you'll need a healthy lawn fed by an inground sprinkler system. The better your irrigation services, the stronger and healthier your lawn will be, and the less susceptible your grass will be to damage. Read on for tips from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler systems.

What are grubs?
Grubs are the yellowish or white coloured larvae of June beetles, European chafers, Japanese beetles, and Leather jackets. Their bodies are curved into a C-shape, and their six legs are spiny in appearance. They are most threatening to your lawn during the maturation periods of their lives, which can range from one to three years. Their active periods can be as early as March, and run as late as November. Most commonly, however, their active periods are April to October.

Bring out your best defense with beneficial nematodes
The best defense against grubs is the tiny insect called the beneficial nematode. These little bugs are natural predators to grubs, and will hunt through your lawn to get rid of your grub infestation. This is an eco-friendly, all-natural method that Nutri-Lawn Ottawa highly recommends as the most effective way to clear up your lawn. These little insects won't harm your lawn, your pets, or tiny toes playing on the lawn.

Beneficial nematodes are best used in August or September, when grubs are more vulnerable. At that time, you'll want to adjust your irrigation services to account for the new addition. Nematodes need a damp environment to ensure health and survival as they hunt grubs. Your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa irrigation specialist will schedule the application day accordingly, and advise you on maintenance and care while the nematodes are on your lawn.

Ensuring healthy roots with an inground sprinkler system
You'll want to make sure your lawn is healthy while you wait for August to arrive. The best way to do this is with a proper schedule for your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground irrigation system.

How you use your irrigation services is essential to the health of your lawn. For strong roots to grow, you need to make sure your lawn is neither over nor under watered. Few homeowners realize that their grass only needs 1 to 2 inches of water a week. The best time for your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinklers to provide this water is in the early morning, in long, deep doses. Deep watering will encourage roots to reach deeper into the soil, creating a more solid foundation that cannot be easily destroyed like shallow, short roots.

Early morning watering is key to avoiding lawn diseases. If your inground sprinkler system runs at night, too much water will be allowed to sit on the surface of your soil. This excess provides a nutrient-rich breeding place for fungi and lawn diseases, which will weaken your lawn as well as create a friendly place for grubs.

To further prevent overwatering, we recommend installing inground sprinkler systems with a rain sensor. These will turn off your inground sprinkler system when it rains, to make sure your lawn is only getting the amount of irrigation services it needs.

Don't let the health of your lawn become last priority. Start combating grubs with a complimentary quote from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today!