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How to Clean Up Your Yard for Spring in Ottawa

Is your lawn in need of a thorough cleanse this April? If so, don't worry - you've come to the right place! Nutri-Lawn has been helping homeowners tidy up their lawns for more than 20 years, providing them with simple tips and priceless information. Whether you're considering installing a landscaping irrigation system or simply need some help freshening up your property, our local expert team of Ottawa irrigation specialists are here to help. The following tips are five quick and simple ways to clean-up your yard and prepare your lawn for the summer months.

Step 1 - Don't Jump the Gun
We all know the saying: April showers bring May flowers. But did you know that walking on a wet, soggy lawn only serves to compact the soil particles underfoot, making it harder for your lawn to grow in evenly? If your lawn is looking a little sloppy, hold off on your outdoor spring cleaning tasks until the sun has had the chance to dry out your property.

Step 2 - Tackle the Three "T's" of a Messy Lawn
Once your lawn is good and dry, it's time to start picking up all of the litter that Old Man Winter has left behind. It's amazing how much crud can go unnoticed when you're lawn is covered in a beautiful layer of snow. When surveying the damage, the landscaping irrigation specialists at Nutri-Lawn recommend looking for the three most common forms of outdoor garbage - trash, tree branches, and toys. Neatly place the debris in a wheelbarrow or garbage bag and dispose of it as necessary.

Step 3 - Dust of the Rake
Raking isn't just an Autumn chore - it's also an important part of any outdoor spring cleaning ritual. Raking your lawn in the spring enables you to collect any leaves that may have been left behind last fall. This is important because wet leaves are the first place that fungus and bacteria take root. Raking your lawn now is the best way to ensure that these little critters don't become permanent residents of your property. As an added bonus, raking your lawn early in the spring will help spread out damp,matted grass, remove dead grass and thatch, improving the airflow through your turf and your landscaping sprinkler system's ability to water properly later in the summer.

Step 4 - Inspect Your Grass and Your Landscaping Irrigation System
If you're lawn's looking a little dismal this month, don't fret. The local expert landscapers at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can help you revive even the dullest of yards. The first step will involve a little overseeding. A liberal helping of Ottawa blend grass seed will help fill in patchy spots on your lawn and improve the appearance of your property quickly. Next, you'll need to check your landscaping sprinklers to ensure that they're functioning properly. Don't have an inground sprinkler system installed on your property? Then contact Nutri-Lawn today for a personalized estimate.

Step 5 - Trim Bushes and Get Planting
Once you've tackled the above steps, it's time to head to your local garden centre to start planning your flower garden! Remember to include a wide variety of plants and flowers so you can enjoy their beauty all summer long.

The local landscaping irrigation specialists at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa are always happy to help with an outdoor spring clean-up. Contact us by phone at 613-699-0768 or email at for more details.