Go Green With A Chemical Free Lawn

Is the green on your thumb slowly ebbing away?  You may need a little boost to keep those environmentally friendly energies going.  Now that chemical-free lawn care is the standard in Ontario, many homeowners have attempted to "go green" with regards to their Ottawa lawn irrigation and mowing practices.  Read on to find out why these habits will not only benefit the environment, but also you and your bank account. 

Why watering can be wasteful
Believe it or not, you are overwatering if you water daily.  Most lawns need about an inch or two of water per week - not per day.  What's more, overwatering can have a negative impact on the environment, your wallet, and even your health. Here are two major issues associated with overwatering:

  • Run-off. If you're overwatering your lawn, most of it is just running off your property anyway.  Water for a longer period of time in intervals of half an hour early in the morning once a week to create a luscious lawn and deep roots. 
  • Mould.   Overwatering encourages a build up of bacteria and fungi.  This can transform your green lawn into a haven for diseases that eat away at your grass, and can waft through the air that you breath in, causing illness. 

Use your green thumb when watering.  Collect rainwater to use on your flowerbeds, and never use your Ottawa lawn irrigation system after a heavy rain.   

Be grass-friendly with your mower
Many homeowners think that a shorter lawn is a healthy lawn.  This isn't actually true.  The longer you allow your grass to grow, the healthier it is.  You should actually only mow your lawn so that 1/3 of the blade has been trimmed. 

When you do mow, make sure it's not at the hottest time of day.  Not only is this going to make you regret not waiting until it cools down a bit, but it's also going to do terrible things for water conservation.  Grass that has just been cut loses more water. Don't let your lawn's nutrients evaporate into clouds; instead, cut your lawn during periods of cooler weather. Leave the clippings after you mow to further decrease water loss. 

If it will work for your lawn, consider buying a manual push mower.  You'll save money on gasoline and help decrease your carbon footprint.  While these do take a little more effort and elbow grease, you'll be the envy of your neighbourhood thanks to your eco-friendly habits and chemical-free lawn care routine!

Find plants that are native
Shrubbery, trees and flowers that are native to your city are more likely to grow and thrive with minimal lawn care attention. Native plants will be more resistant to locally adverse weather conditions, as well as persistent weeds, saving your time and money on your Ottawa lawn care services.

Chemical-free lawn care weed control
Nutri-Lawn Ottawa offers top-of-the-line eco-friendly weed control to get rid of those pesky plants.  However, lawn irrigation can also work to create a weed-free lawn.  By adjusting your sprinklers to irrigate at the best times for your lawn, and for the right amount of time, you can nourish your turf so that it is more resilient against weeds.  Talk to one of our experts today about proper adjustments to your lawn irrigation. 

For the best lawn irrigation installation and service in the Ottawa area, request a consultation from Nutri-Lawn today!