Love Your Lawn With Organic Lawn Care Practices

There's something about the smell of a freshly cut lawn. For many, the earthy aroma brings back childhood memories; forgotten daydreams and lazy afternoons spent staring up at the sky. It's in this way that freshly cut grass captures the natural comfort of organic lawn care.

Mind you, it hasn't always been this way. For years, chemical pesticides and herbicides have dominated the lawn care industry, tainting the perfect aroma of a manicured lawn. Thankfully, chemical lawn care is now a thing of the past. Ottawa organic lawn care practices are more prevalent than ever, thanks to a permanent ban on the use of cosmetic chemical lawn treatments.

Now, nearly three years after that ban has come into effect, it's safe to say that organic lawn care is here to stay. In other words, the grass really is “greener” here in Ottawa. Whether you're looking to conserver water or reduce your emissions, our Ottawa lawn irrigation experts can help you implement an environmentally-friendly lawn maintenance plan that works with both your budget and your property's unique requirements.

Put An End to Mower Emissions
Want to reduce your carbon footprint significantly? Then now's the time to consider swapping your gas-powered lawn mower for a manual push model. Reel mowers, as they're often referred to, emit zero emissions thanks to their reliance on elbow grease. Sure, they might be a tad difficult to manoeuvre, but the environmental trade-off is more than worth it: running a traditional gas-powered lawnmower for just one hour emits as much air pollution as driving your car some 500 kilometres.

Improve Your Ottawa Lawn Irrigation
An expertly irrigated lawn doesn't just look good – it also benefits the environment through improved photosynthesis and improved soil health. Remember: your soil supports more than just your turf – it supports a diverse ecosystem of micronutrients and organisms. Proper Ottawa lawn irrigation ensures that all aspects of your lawn are working in harmony.

Improve the health and vitality of your lawn with help from a lawn irrigation system. Whether you're irrigating a private estate or a large commercial property, our automatic sprinkler system controllers will help you reduce the amount of time, money, and water needed to keep your Ottawa lawn lush and healthy. Ask our Ottawa lawn irrigation technicians about our advanced satellite management technology and weather sensing irrigation systems.

Irrigation and Maintenance Go Hand-in-Hand
Make the most of your Ottawa lawn irrigation system by pairing it with moisture-smart lawn maintenance services from Nutri-Lawn's lawn maintenance department. This should include the addition of an organic-rich topdressing to your lawn. A natural elixir for your lawn, our topdressing treatment includes a powerful microbial and micronutrient mixture that's ideal for over-stressed Ottawa soils. Add a healthy helping of Nutri-Lawn's Organic Plus Topdressing to your turf to protect your property against extreme heat and drought. Don't forget to keep your topdressing treatment moist with a light watering from your Ottawa lawn irrigation system. This will ensure that all of the nutrients are absorbed into the soil in a quick and efficient manner.

What the Thatch?
Thatch buildup can cause major issues for Ottawa homeowners, even those who have a lawn irrigation system installed on their property. This is because thatch can impede your soil's ability to absorb and retain moisture. A common side effect of poor mowing practices, (i.e. leaving extra long grass cuttings on your lawn) thatch that exceeds 0.5 centimetres can quickly suffocate your soil. If your lawn currently has a thatch covering that's thicker than 5 centimetres don't wait to contact our Ottawa lawn care offices. You're property is in desperate need of a dethatching treatment. Prevent future thatch problems by scheduling a power raking treatment in the early spring and late fall.

Go green with your lawn care routine this summer. Contact the Ottawa lawn irrigation experts at Nutri-Lawn today for more information on environmentally-friendly sprinkler systems and lawn maintenance treatments.