Go Green With A Push Reel Mower

Are you tired of the same old mower recipe of oil, gas, and a whole lot of noise? Well, why not add some "green" to your turf maintenance in Ottawa by investing in a push reel mower?  If your opinion of the push reel has been marred by past images of clunky manual machines, it's time to update your knowledge.  In fact, many people who buy push reels say they will never go back to gas powered mowing again! Here are some things to consider when deciding if a push reel is right for your turf care. 

What is a push reel mower?
A push reel mower has blades that rotate parallel to the ground to execute a nice, clean cut of your grass.  They generate no sound, and require no nasty environmentally threatening fuel as push reels are powered entirely by your own strength. 

With that being said, modern push reel mowers have recently received a major facelift.  You won't need to worry about the pesky old-fashioned mowers that seemed to weigh a tonne.  These mowers are lightweight and much easier to push.  Because of this, they also exude less force upon your lawn. 

How can a push reel benefit my turf maintenance in Ottawa?
Push reels are actually better for your turf care than gas-powered mowers. Here's how: 

  • Clean cut grass.  Modern gas powered mowers can tear up and shred your grass.  This can leave your lawn vulnerable to nasty insect infestations or lawn diseases. The clean trim left by a push reel will not only leave your lawn healthier, but it will look much better, too.  To further promote a healthy lawn, consider Nutri-Lawn's hydro-seeding to reseed patchy areas. 
  • Noiseless.  You no longer have to worry about timing your turf maintenance in Ottawa so it's not too late or too early in the morning.  Push reels carry none of the noise baggage of a gas mower
  • No machinery.  Other than the occasional time you may have to fix a jam and sharpen the blades, you won't need to worry about hardly any repairs.  Spark plugs, engines, and starter cords don't exist on the push reel.  If you hunt around, you can even find push reels with blades that stay sharp for five to ten years. 
  • Eco-friendly turf care.  Push reels are human-powered, and therefore emit no pollutants.  You no longer need to worry about what your mower is doing to the environment.  What's more, you'll never have to purchase expensive fuel for your mower ever again.
  • Great exercise.  You're helping your body, while helping your lawn.  Push reels may be lighter than they used to be, but you'll still get a slight, enjoyable work out when mowing. 
  • Push reels are cheap.  It's unlikely you'll find a push reel that costs more than the majority of the power mowers on the market.  In fact, you can find push reels for less than $100.  As mentioned, you also save money on fuel.  With the savings you get from Nutri-Lawn's sprinklers and push reels, you can spend less money on your annual Ottawa turf care. 
  • Safer than gas powered.  Accidents, and even deaths, from gas-powered mowers are more common than you may think.  Gas mowers can cause serious injuries, particularly to children.  A push reel won't do much damage unless pushed over something on purpose with force.  You'll be able to allow your kids to mow the lawn with a worry-free mind. 

Should I get a push reel?
This varies on a few things.  If you have a large lawn, with many bumps and trees, it may not be a viable option for your turf maintenance program.  Mowing a lawn that is larger than 8,000 square feet would create more hassle than help with a push reel. 

Also, if you like to bag your clippings, a push reel may not be great for you.  However, if you do bag your clippings, it may be time to reconsider that.  Clippings are natural, free fertilizer for your lawn, providing nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to your grass. Leaving your lawn clippings to break down on your lawn is a great way to give it a nutrient-rich boost.

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