Reduce the Impact of Water Rate Increase with a Smart Control Irrigation System

Ottawa's water rates are expected to rise this spring, thanks to a long-range financial plan tabled in late January. According to the Ottawa Sun, rates are projected to increase by 6% this year, followed by a potential 7% hike in each of 2013 and 2014. Another 6% is slated for each of 2015 and 2016, followed by a 5% increase every year up until 2021. Compounded, that means a staggering 74% increase to Ottawa customers.

If rates continue upward at the pace proposed by the city, Ottawa residents are looking at a potential $1,000 increase annually over the next ten years.

Water Smart with a Smart Controller

Council's proposed water hikes will leave a hefty hole in the pocket of many homeowners, especially those who currently rely on a traditional lawn sprinkler system. Older model sprinklers, unless properly fitted with consumption-friendly controllers, are mechanically incapable of preventing excess water runoff and improved moisture delivery. Every time you water your lawn, you're essentially throwing money down the drain.

Don't let your Ottawa residential sprinkler system drain you of your hard-earned cash. Take precautionary measures now to conserve water and improve the efficiency of your lawn care by installing a smart controller from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa's inground sprinkler system division.

Our smart controller technologies not only improve your water conservation, but they'll help alleviate the pain of proposed water rate increases through the use of less water in a more efficient manner. Improve your lawn, reduce your bills, and protect the planet with a new controller from Nutri-Lawn Inground Sprinkler Systems.

Smart Controller Systems Worth Considering

Nutri-Lawn Ottawa offers a full range of inground sprinkler system controllers capable of improving the water consumption of your residential watering system:

  • Toro Intelli-Sense Smart Sprinkler System Controller: Toro Intelli-Sense smart controllers are designed to automatically optimize irrigation and conserve resources. This advanced system combines unique programming with daily satellite-transmitted weather station data in order to provide an efficient watering schedule. Since this controller is capable of adjusting your sprinkler program to accommodate changing weather conditions, you never have to worry about wasteful overwatering.
  • Hunter Solar Sync Sensors: The Solar Sync automatically adjusts watering based on the strength of the sun's rays and the current weather conditions. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, the Solar Sync sensors are capable of quickly and efficiently adjusting to sudden changes in precipitations, temperature, and sun strength.
  • Rain Bird ET Manager: A disparity between evapotranspiration and irrigation/rainfall often results in a moisture imbalance. The Rain Bird ET Manager is designed to monitor and maintain the balance between water loss and water gain in your yard. Once installed, the Manager provides powerful, accurate irrigation scheduling.

Most irrigation controllers simply use time to determine an irrigation schedule. This inefficient way of managing water output often leads to overwatering, wasted money, inconvenience, and increased system maintenance. A smart controller will enable you to decrease water consumption, improve accuracy of water placement, and minimize plant loss during times of drought. Decreased runoff and evaporation will help keep your lawn healthy without harming the local environment.

The Ottawa environmental committee is scheduled to debate the 2012 water rate increase and long-range plan on February 21. Ottawa residents are encouraged to contact Nutri-Lawn today for more information on our smart controllers and efficient irrigation systems.