Winter Lawn Care Tips to Remember

Winter is one season we Ottawa folks certainly know plenty about. Chilling cold, blustering snow, dreary days – it all comes with the territory. And while we sometimes enjoy an occasional afternoon of warmth and sunshine, it's hardly the norm. But, just because it's cold outside, it doesn't mean your lawn care duties are over! The following are a few important winter lawn care tips to remember this season.

1. Keep Things Clean

You'd be surprised how much junk can collect on your lawn, even when it's covered in snow. That's why it's important to check your lawn regularly for any unwanted debris. The next time it's sunny out, take stock of your lawn. Have leaves from last autumn accumulated along your fence line? Are the heads of your lawn sprinkler system covered with garbage? These types of things can smother your grass, making it easy for disease to fester and spread.

2. Cut Down on Traffic

Dormant grass can only tolerate moderate amounts of traffic, so watch your step! Heavily worn paths cause compaction, which can sometimes lead to irreversible damage. The more you walk on a wet, dormant lawn, the longer it will take for it to green up in the spring.

Remember to keep your sidewalks cleared of ice and snow so that any pedestrians or guests won't be tempted to cut across your property. Also, it's important that you never, ever let someone park a vehicle on your lawn during the winter. Even the smallest compact car will leave impressions in the soil and damage the grass beneath the tires.

3. Watch the Weather

Turf is extremely resilient. In most cases, your lawn should be able to handle whatever Mother Nature throws its way. However, it never hurts to keep a close eye on your turf conditions during the winter. It may be worthwhile to chip away exposed ice in a low spot if you know a winter storm is on its way.

4. Turn the Taps Off

The one nice thing about winter is that you'll never need to water your lawn. As the grass goes dormant, it will slow down its requirements for food and will hibernate. Any extra energy is safely stored in the blade and root of the grass. If your lawn suffered from an unusually dry autumn, remember to water your turf heavily in the early spring with your Ottawa lawn sprinkler system. This will maximize the turf's ability to bounce back.

Furthermore, it's important that you turn the water supply off to your Ottawa lawn sprinkler system in order to avoid frozen pipes. Not sure how to do this properly? Then contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa's Inground Sprinkler System department. Our technicians offer sprinkler system winterizing packages that will help protect and prolong the life of your inground irrigation.

5. Winterize Your Mower

Winter is the perfect time to take your mower in for a maintenance check. This should include a blade sharpening and the replacement of any vital parts and fluids. A well-maintained lawn mower will have an extended lifespan and help enhance the appearance of your lawn.

The winter months are often unpredictable – one day the sun is shining, the next day it's Snowmageddon! Extreme shifts like these can really do a number on your lawn if you're not careful. For more information on winter lawn care tips, contact the Ottawa lawn care professionals at Nutri-Lawn. Now is the perfect time to start planning your spring lawn care schedule.