It's Alive! Re-animate Your Lawn in 2013

As we approach that fifty-nine-day month known as Farch – that cold and dreary period from February 1st to March 31st – it's not uncommon that many of us in the Ottawa area can be found sitting in front of the window, enjoying a few minutes of sun and daydreaming about the warmth of summer. Reclining in a zero gravity chair in the yard and listening to some tunes with a cold beverage within reach, enjoying the heat while surrounded by a verdant, green carpet of perfectly cut grass. The image makes you forget all about the snow that you need to shovel!
And then you remember how dry and rough last year's lawn felt underfoot. You would wake to the hiss of the Ottawa sprinkler systems in your neighbourhood and be reminded that you forgot to pull the hose out of the garage the night before. The grass just seemed to stop growing sometime in July, and all the straw-coloured patches made it look like you were relaxing in the middle of a minefield. You even started telling your friends that"brown is the new green," while frowning at how drab the front yard looked from the street.

But it doesn't have to be this way...
Instead of dreaming about that perfect lawn, now is the perfect time to put together a plan and make the dream a reality. While it does take some thought and effort, the added enjoyment of the outdoors, not to mention the beauty and value that a vibrant lawn adds to your home far outweighs the work involved in a lawn renovation. Our Nutri-Lawn staff can help you figure out the steps to a healthy lawn so that you're all ready to go. Meanwhile, here are a few tips from our Ottawa sprinkler systems experts for you to think about as you prepare.

1. What's the problem?
For a successful lawn renovation, you first need to figure out the cause of the trouble. An infestation, excessive soil compaction or undernourishment are some of the things that can prevent your grass from thriving, and each has its own tell-tale symptoms. Or, in trying to conserve on the water bill, perhaps drought is the culprit. In this case, now is the time to consider the options in Ottawa sprinkler systems prior to re-seeding or laying new sod. Nutri-Lawn can introduce you to Ottawa sprinkler systems that not only ensure proper lawn irrigation, but also help you to keep the water bill within reason--all supported by industry-leading service.

2. What are the conditions?
Soil does not remain viable for growing on its own. An imbalance in acidity and other infertile conditions need to be determined. Have a look at the soil depth and type--is it mainly clay-based or sandy? Also, how sunny or shady is your property, and how does the current landscaping allow for proper moisture drainage?

3. How do you use your yard?
If you have a young family or like to entertain outside, look at options for a different grass type that better withstands high traffic.

4. What preparation is required?
Before applying new grass seed, the problem needs to be removed. You will need to eliminate weeds and other debris, and mow the entire area at the lowest height setting. Thoroughly raking the property afterward reduces excessive thatch build-up that may prevent the new seed from germinating properly. For a larger area, consider renting an electric rake, which is almost as easy to use as a standard mower. To help the soil support new root growth, core aeration is usually necessary, especially in harder or compacted soils.

Our Nutri-Lawn staff and Ottawa sprinkler systems experts are here to help. Let us know your thoughts, and we can assist you in diagnosing the problem and create a solution for the lawn of your dreams.