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Nematodes + Nutri-Lawn = Goodbye Grubs!

The summer season is tough on lawns in Ontario. From torrential rain showers to scorching heat, the weather can really wreak havoc on your turf. The extreme shifts in temperature and moisture can also attract unwanted pests into your yard, most notably grubs. Protect your valuable outdoor living space from a grub invasion with environmentally friendly nematode treatments from Nutri-Lawn. These microscopic round-worms seek out and destroy grubs, leaving your lawn hearty and healthy.

Nutri-Lawn maximizes the effectiveness of their nematode treatments by:

  • Using wetting agents to improve soil quality and water penetration
  • Testing all batches of nematodes under a microscope to ensure they are healthy and vigorous
  • Appling healthy quantities of nematodes – at least 71 million per 1000 sq ft
  • Storing the nematodes at a temperature of 5°C or less (Nutri-Lawn never freezes their nematodes!)
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Nutri-Lawn has more than 15 years experience treating lawns with nematodes and helping protect thousands of yards from the effects of hungry grubs. Their technicians use precise handling methods to ensure that each treatment results in the successful removal of up to 60% of your yard's grub population. They know exactly what conditions are favourable to nematode treatments (cool, wet soil is best) and when it's best to spray your yard (late August or early Fall).


The experts at Nutri-Lawn are gearing up for a vicious grub season this year thanks to the recent mix of weather conditions. The soaking rains of June, followed by the thick heat of July have created the perfect conditions for grubs to flourish. This is because your lawn's root system is extremely fragile. When your lawn is oversaturated in the spring months, turf roots don't have to work nearly as hard to find moisture. This means that they stop growing and are left to sit just below the surface of the soil. When it stops raining regularly, these roots become malnourished and your lawn begins to shed any excess underground growth in order to preserve moisture and conserve energy. Unfortunately, these fragile roots will be no match for millions of hungry grubs come late summer.

The experts at Nutri-Lawn recommend calling to book your environmentally friendly nematode lawn treatment today. Nematode treatments involve living, breathing organisms. By booking your treatment in advance you provide the technicians at Nutri-Lawn plenty of time to breed these beneficial bugs prior to the fall and grub season. Wait too long to book your appointment and Nutri-Lawn may be unable to supply you with nematodes until it's too late and the grubs have done too much damage.

Talk to Thom Bourne and his Nutri-Lawn team at 613-699-0768 or email Nutri-Lawn is located at 1038 Belfast Road. Contact Nutri-Lawn today and say goodbye to grubs for good!