Ottawa Grub Control

Are unsightly brown patches ruining your lawn? Don’t let your yard fall victim to embarrassing discolouration any more with proven protection from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa. Nutri-Lawn’s specially formulated grub control treatments are designed to safely and effectively rid your property of these vicious pests, as well as prevent further infestations.

How to Detect Grub Worms
Knowing how to detect grubs in your lawn is key – you can’t treat what you don’t understand! Evidence of lawn grub damage can be found in late summer and early fall. Simply inspect your lawn for irregular brown patches of grass; if you try to pull these patches away from the soil, the turf will pull away from the soil, like a carpet. A professional Nutri-Lawn representative  can determine the extent of your grub infestation by digging up a small section of the affected area. If our technician discovers more than five worms per ¼ square foot, he will recommend applying a natural grub worm treatment.

When Should a Grub Worm Treatment by Applied?
Grub worm treatments are best applied during the late summer or early fall. This is when the worms are still small and located close to the surface of the soil. Grub worms are much less susceptible to treatments during the spring; the worms stop eating during this season and are thus less likely to ingest the required amount of treatment solution. Nutri-Lawn’s grub control treatments are designed to target the worms before they turn to beetles, killing them before any new eggs are laid and a large infestation can occur.

Find the Treatment That’s Right For You
There are several ways that a Nutri-Lawn technician can protect your lawn against grubs. These treatments are considered safe and effective when paired with proper lawn care maintenance and regular scheduled waterings:

  1. Milky Spores: This grub control treatment is applied to affected areas of your lawn in liberal amounts. The grub are infected with a fatal disease as they feast on the spores; luckily, pets and humans are immune to the effects and are able to continue using the yard as they please. Once the grubs die and decompose, additional spores are released into the soil, which helps protect the turf from further infestations.
  2. Neem Oil: This botanical pesticide protects lawns from two harmful pests – Japanese beetles and lawn grubs. The oil inhibits grubs from laying their eggs, feeding, and fully developing. Neem oil grub control treatments are applied in spray form in order to ensure full coverage and proper saturation levels.
  3. Nematodes: Nematodes are tiny, soil-dwelling worms, much like grub worms. There is one main difference though – nematodes release bacteria into the soil that infect and kill harmful worms. Nematodes are applied using a liquid solution and begin to work on affect areas almost immediately.

Not sure which treatment is right for your lawn? Contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa and our professionally trained technicians will help formulate a treatment plan that’s designed especially for your lawn. For more information contact Nutri-Lawn  by phone at 613-699-0768. Grubs don’t stand a chance against our proven treatment methods!