Don't Let Lawn Weeds Get You Down

Are you struggling with your Ottawa weed control?  Are your Ottawa weed treatment methods not working?  If your answer is yes to both, then it's time to learn a bit more about different weeds.  Few people think of the different weeds in their lawn, and how each one can be treated.  In fact, weed treatment varies based on where they are in the lawn.  For example, garden weeds are slightly more difficult to treat to avoid killing the flowers.  Read on to find out how to weed your garden with efficiency this year.

Types of Weeds
Weeds, like anything in nature, come in all shapes and sizes.  Recognize this, and you'll be able to spot that devilish weed before it can overtake your garden.  There are three general types of weeds.

  • Grassy
    • These can be tricky to spot.  Some grasses are viewed as weeds to one homeowner, while another may use that same grass to fill their lawn.  It's important to be able to spot the difference in grasses to make sure one type isn't overtaking your chosen grass.  These are grass-like, and can creep, lay flat, or grow upwards. 
  • Broadleaf
    • These can be large or small.  They are unlike grassy weeds, as they grow in rounded forms.  You may find these in the form of dandelions, spurge, or oxalis.  Many believe clover to be a weed.  While you may not like clover overtaking your yard, some homeowners actually choose to have clover lawns, as they are easier to take care of and are natural Ottawa weed control.  Clover is a fertilizer, and it chokes unwanted weeds.
  • Nutgrass, or sedges
    • This is an annoying weed for Ottawa weed control.  These are grassy in appearance, but much stiffer and waxier.  They have a triangular stem, while the seed-head has a very unique quality.  There will be quite a large number of seed hulls while the blades around branch out like the spokes of a wheel. 

Proper Irrigation Can Help
The first way to engage in great Ottawa weed control is by investing in proper irrigation to ensure your lawn has deep, healthy roots.  The stronger the root system of your grass is, the more likely it is to resist damage done by weed infestations.  Nutri-Lawn has premium irrigation services to make sure you get the most out of your irrigation services. 

Make the Most of Mulch
Mulch is a great Ottawa weed treatment for your flowerbeds.  Once you have planted all the flowers you want, spread a thin layer of mulch around the plant to prevent weeds from getting the nutrients and space needed to grow.  You can even create your own mulch by using a compost pile with a high concentration of wood chunks.

FIESTA Ottawa Weed Treatments by Nutri-Lawn
This product by Nutri-Lawn is a great Ottawa weed control method that will make sure your lawn is free of nature's pests.  Within 24 hours you can expect results.  You won't need to worry about Ontario's pesticide ban with this product handy.  Get rid of those weeds safely, legally, and effectively. 

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