Mid-winter Tips From the Ottawa Inground Irrigation Experts

Winter has hit the Ottawa area. As a homeowner, maybe you're looking out your window and dreaming about those flower beds that were planted with care and your lush lawn, painstakingly seeded and weeded, now hidden under a crisp layer of the white stuff. As the snow piles up, the daylight remains short and all you seem to be doing is shovelling and salting the driveway, it's a little tough to imagine enjoying the sunshine and warmth on that inviting lawn.

But spring will come before you know it, and believe it or not there are a few things you can do in the mid-winter to ensure that the beautiful garden you remember returns to its former glory. Our Ottawa inground irrigation experts share these mid-winter lawn care tips:

Shhhhh! It's Sleeping
Your lawn isn't dead, nor is it in a state of suspended animation out of some sci-fi movie. In the winter weather, the grass lays dormant like a hibernating animal which means it is susceptible to disturbances. A good way to take care of a dormant lawn is to take care of the areas where no grass grows. Ensuring that sidewalks and pathways are properly cleared will keep foot traffic off of the sleeping grass, which prevents damage that may cause a slower greening process in the spring. If you have a young family, our Ottawa inground irrigation experts are not suggesting they shouldn't play in the snow every now and then! But maybe they could build a snowman in the driveway, or better yet, at the local park.

Excessive snow build-up can have the same effect. While you're clearing the driveway and paths, try to avoid the grass becoming compacted underneath huge mountains of cleared snow. Taking a little extra time to spread it around will prevent damage and help with a quicker thaw when the warmer weather finally does arrive.

When It's Not Really The Spring, But It's Spring-Like
It happens during a lot of winters: that wonderful, teasing mid-winter thaw that gives us a few days of Spring Fever and a taste of what's to come. If you can contain your excitement for a few minutes, take some time to check your lawn for any debris that may have been left behind during your fall gardening. Any fallen leaves, twigs and excessive grass clippings remaining on dormant grass can contribute to lawn disease, snow mould and weaker growth after the thaw.

Did You Finish Your Fall Honey-Do List?
It can happen to the best of us: some odd jobs slip through the cracks. If you didn't finish winterizing your gardening equipment and outdoor systems, now is the time, particularly if you have an Ottawa inground irrigation system. Residual water in the system will freeze and could cause pipes and hoses to burst. Make sure your system has been properly drained, that sprinkler caps are clean and clear of debris and that all above-ground hoses have been detached from the tap and coiled for storage. If you're unsure whether your Ottawa inground irrigation system has been properly winterized, you can always contact our staff for assistance, or to book your spring maintenance visit. We even service systems that were installed by a competitor.

Of course, making sure you're ready for spring lawn care and maintenance is a great way to prepare for the warmer weather. An Ottawa inground irrigation system is not only an affordable and effective way to encourage a gorgeous and healthy lawn, it is also an efficient method of keeping your lawn watered while saving you money on your seasonal water bill. Contact us for a consultation, or give us a call at 613-699-0768.