Can Chlorine Kill My Lawn?

As pool season kicks into full swing, now's the time to consider the effect that sanitation chemicals, like chlorine, will have on your lawn care in Ottawa.  With kids running around the yard or adults performing monumental cannon balls, it’s a given that some pool water will get onto your lawn.  However, will the chlorine rob your turf of any lawn care benefits?  Let’s take a look at the effect chlorine will have on your lawn.

Round One: Fertilizers versus Chlorine
While many people think of the harsh effects chlorine will have on their lawn care in Ottawa treatments, they're actually approaching the issue from the wrong angle. It may be your pool that requires extra attention – not your turf.  The nitrogen in your lawn fertilizers can combine with pool chlorine to create chlorine compounds.  These chlorine compounds will interfere with the chlorine’s ability to sanitize your pool.  The end result will be that your pool will start to resemble your grass – it will turn a lush shade of green!

Prevent chemicals from your Ottawa lawn care treatments from entering your pool by keeping all fertilizer treatments away from the pool.  In addition, keep foot traffic off the lawn until the fertilizer is absorbed. If possible, cover your pool before Nutri-Lawn's lawn care experts in Ottawa arrive to provide a service.

What Effect Will Pool Water Have on My Ottawa Area Lawn Care?
What happens if pool water gets on your grass?  Not a whole lot.  Your soil is resilient – especially if it’s received proper lawn irrigation.  In addition, grass blades are very picky about what nutrients they allow in their systems. 

Furthermore, there isn't enough chlorine in your pool to really cause your lawn much harm. Once in the pool water, chlorine becomes so diluted that it isn't potent enough to cause serious damage.  If pool water gets on your lawn, it’s just giving your turf a little bit of extra water.  Having said that, don’t flood your lawn with pool water – then you could run into problems.  It’s always better to depend a strategically installed inground sprinkler system for your lawn care in Ottawa irrigation.

A Cautionary Note: Pure Chlorine and Your Lawn
Diluted chlorine isn’t an issue for your Ottawa area lawn care.  But what if you spill the chemicals on your lawn as you’re adding them to your pool?

If you accidentally spill pool chemicals on your lawn, it can end up killing some of the bacteria that are essential to your grass' ability to extract nutrients from the soil. 

So what to do if you accidentally spill undiluted chlorine on your lawn?  Dilute it in the best way you can: by watering.  Turn on your sprinkler system immediately to evenly dilute the chemicals without drowning your lawn. 

It’s settled.  If you’re careful and keep lawn chemicals from getting in your pool and undiluted pool chemicals from getting on your lawn, it’s possible for your pool and lawn to coexist happily all summer long.

This summer, keep your lawn looking nice and green with our sprinkler systems.  Contact Nutri-Lawn’s Irrigation Department for more information on our services or to receive a complimentary quote for your lawn care in Ottawa.