Drown Out Drought with Kelp Biostimulants

Is your lawn longing for a little moisture? If your landscape sprinkler system is working overtime in order to maintain a healthy yard, now's the perfect time to try something new. Don't let drought drain the life from your lawn. Contact the lawn care and irrigation specialists at Nutri-Lawn to learn more about kelp biostimulants – a new treatment designed to nourish your yard even under the most adverse conditions.

Invigorate Your Yard with Organic Biostimulants
Plants need nutrient rich soil in order to grow and flourish. Unfortunately, drought conditions can cause the production of these nutrients to stop, stunting plant growth and health. So how can you coerce these nutrients back into action? How about with a little organic snack? Organic biostimulant treatments are designed to feed soil microflora, which in turn helps increase the efficiency and uptake of plant nutrients. The kelp biostimulants offered by Nutri-Lawn also help increase the antioxidant activity in plants, especially grass, which helps to boost the plant's ability to handle environmental stresses and diseases. The special formula used by the lawn care and landscape sprinkler system technicians at Nutri-Lawn also stimulates growth and increases root development in order to ensure optimum grass performance.

Save Your Lawn with Seaweed
As strange as it may seem, seaweed is actually one of the best organic biostimulant lawn treatments currently on the market. Composed of nearly 70 minerals, seaweed extract (or kelp as it's commonly referred to) is an excellent source of two major plant growth hormones: cytokinins and auxins. It's these nutrients that help renew and protect a tired lawn from the effects of heat stress.

Some of the major benefits associated with kelp biostimulants include:

  • Enhanced soil microbe activity, which influences the production of available nutrients.
  • Increased nutrient uptake in plants.
  • Increased photosynthesis and chlorophyll production.
  • Increased plant carbohydrate production, which enhances grass root and blade development.

So It's Just Fertilizer, Right?
Wrong! Organic biostimulants are not fertilizers, nor should they replace your regular fertilizer treatments. While both biostimulants and fertilizers help promote plant growth, they do it in two very different ways. Biostimulants help plants process existing nutrients, while fertilizers add new nutrients to the soil. If you're confused which treatment would most benefit your lawn, biostimulants or fertilizers, give Nutri-Lawn a call. A Nutri-Lawn lawn care and irrigation technician will perform a complimentary analysis of your property in order to discover exactly what is ailing your landscaping, as well as provide treatment suggestions and advice.

Now's The Time To Apply a Kelp Biostimulant Treatment
The wonderful thing about kelp is that it's most effective when applied to your lawn during extreme periods of heat and under drought-like conditions. Extensive studies involving the use of kelp on golf greens has shown that seaweed extract works overtime when placed in hot, dry conditions. So don't worry if your lawn looks like it's beyond repair – now could be the perfect time to treat it with a hefty helping of kelp!

Book Your Kelp Biostimulant Treatment Today
Nutri-Lawn's kelp biostimulant treatment is made from soluble East Coast seaweed. The water based solution is 100% organic, odour-free, and safe to use around children and pets. Once applied to your lawn, remember to water your grass thoroughly using an inground irrigation system. This will ensure that the soil is saturate and the nutrients are capable of being properly absorbed.

Help your lawn beat the heat with a a kelp treatment from Nutri-Lawn today. To book your treatment by calling