Say "No" To Weeds This Summer

Weeds are the bane of every homeowner's existence.  While chemicals may seem like the ideal solution, they can leach into vegetable and flower gardens, runoff and trickle into groundwater supplies, and let's not forget they're now illegal in Ontario. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Sprinkler Systems believes that there are better ways to deal with weeds than to suffocate them with toxic chemicals.  What's more, in most cases these new methods are more effective and less expensive than chemical treatments.  Turn your lawn into a weed-free sanctuary with these lawn care strategies from Nutri-Lawn’s Ottawa sprinkler experts.

Use Organic Herbicides for Natural Weed Control
Despite the Ontario pesticide ban, the lawn care technicians at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Sprinkler Systems can still provide you with environmentally friendly treatments to protect your lawn from weedy residents. (Still unsure of the rules and regulations associated with the Ontario pesticide ban? Then check out our helpful guide for further information.)

On such treatment is our FIESTA Weed Control, an organic herbicide that is child and pet friendly. 

FIESTA works by targeting the root of a weed.  Typically, weeds will begin to turn black within 24 hours of the application.  They will then decompose and disappear.  The nice thing about FIESTA is that you're not required to water the lawn with your Ottawa sprinklers in order to activate the treatment.  It’s truly a no-muss, no-fuss weed control solution.

Mowing Habits to Live By
If you’re looking for au natural weed control, adjusting your mowing habits is a great way to start. 

While many homeowners long for a neatly trimmed golf green, Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Sprinkler Systems experts understand that mowing your lawn too short is counter-productive to keeping the weeds at bay.  The seeds of weeds require high light intensity in order to germinate.  As such, keeping your grass at a higher height will provide a shady environment for those seeds, ultimately deterring germination.  In addition, a higher mowing height produces a healthier grass plant. 

Our sprinkler experts suggest mowing often enough so that no more than one-third of the grass blade is removed in a single mowing.  If you let your turf grow tall and then scalp it, you could reduce the overall density of your turf.  Low turf density is an open invitation for weeds to come in and take up the extra room.

A lush, healthy lawn could be just a mower-adjustment away!

Ottawa Sprinklers and Effective Weed Control
One way to discourage weed growth is by ensuring that there’s no room for it to grow in the first place.  To do that, you will need a rich, healthy, high-density lawn. 

Create your ultimate lawn by engaging in healthy lawn care practices.  Use our Ottawa sprinkler systems to keep your lawn properly hydrated.  Furthermore, remember to keep your grass well fed through the use of fertilizer treatments. Together, these two lawn care practices will help prevent weeds from encroaching on your lawn.

A weed-free lawn is a healthy lawn.  By practicing good lawn care habits and using natural herbicides, you’ll no longer miss the toxic chemical treatments of the past.  Contact Nutri-Lawn if you have any questions about weed control or to receive a free lawn care quote.