Ottawa Residents Encouraged To Water Their Lawns

It's summer and it’s a record-setting scorcher!   Not only has this summer been hot, but it’s also been plagued by a lack of rain.  This can be bad news for your lawn, as dryness can increase the risk of fires.  While some Ottawa residents are hesitant to water their lawns for fear of wasting water, fire officials are urging those on the central city water system to embrace irrigation in order to reduce fire hazards.

Why Water Your Lawn?
Not only will watering your lawn keep it healthy, it will also prevent it from going up in smoke.  Crisp lawns are a fire hazard.  A little wet soil can go a long way in preventing your lawn from catching fire.  We recognize that the task of standing out in the scorching heat with a hose or running around positioning a sprinkler seems tedious.  However, our Ottawa lawn irrigation services have a long-term solution for that!

A Note on Water Conservation
It's worth noting that the City or Ottawa receives its water from the Ottawa River. Statistics show that the city's central water systems draws roughly one per cent of the water of out of the river. As such, there are no restrictions in place in terms of water usage

Watering Tips From Your Ottawa Lawn Irrigation Services
Here are three tips to help you prevent fires and keep your lawn healthy using an Ottawa irrigation system from Nutri-Lawn. Your lawn will be the envy of your neighbours in no time:

  1. Water like Clockwork:  Dogs love them.  Babies thrive on them.  You feel better when you have one.  Routines aren’t just for you, your kids, or your pets – your lawn can benefit from a regular watering schedule too.  Most people set their lawn irrigation systems to run every morning, but did you know you can schedule it to run when your lawn needs watering?  At Nutri-Lawn, we have weather-sensing technology that will tell your sprinklers exactly your lawn needs a pick-me-up, whether it's in the morning, at noon, or even during the night.
  2. Water like Goldilocks: Too shallow?  No.  Too deep?  No.  When it comes to your Ottawa lawn irrigation, you want to get it just right. If you don’t water enough, your grass will develop flimsy roots and be susceptible to malnourishment, weeds, and insects.  If you water too deeply, your grass could become a breeding ground for disease.  Set your irrigation system to water in the morning – watering in the evening will leave the grass vulnerable to disease.  In addition, set your system to water deeply and infrequently.  This will give your grass strong, resilient roots.
  3. Show Your Plants Some Love: Undoubtedly grass makes up a large portion of your lawn, but there are still trees and shrubs and flowers that need attention as well.  When arranging your lawn irrigation systems, take into account the garden as well.

Why Use Our Lawn Irrigation Systems?
Simply put, it’s easiest to set up your inground sprinkler system routine and then let it take care of itself.  Waiting on rain can be a recipe for a dry, barren lawn.  It’s easy to forget to water your lawn yourself, plus you can always miss patches without realizing it.  Our professional sprinkler installers respect your property and will take great care to ensure that all of your landscaping will receive the moisture that it needs. 

The heat is on, but your lawn needn’t suffer for it.  Keep your property well-irrigated to prevent the breakout of fires and improve the overall health of your turf. For more information on one of our water-conserving Ottawa lawn irrigation systems, simply call 613-699-0768 for a no-obligation consultation.