Banish Summer Weeds with Ottawa Lawn Irrigation and Maintenance

It happens slowly, and often without warning. One day, you'll just be walking along, minding your own business, and then you see it: a weed. At first it's just one. But then, upon closer inspection, you'll find another one, and another one, until suddenly, you notice them everywhere! Summer is the season for weeds in Ottawa, so watch out! Banish these persistent plants from your lawn for good with a stringent Ottawa lawn irrigation and maintenance program from Nutri-Lawn.

When it comes to weed prevention, the best defence is a good offence. A thick, heathy lawn that's properly hydrated and fertilized won't only look good, it will also have a much better chance of fending off unwanted weedy visitors.

Proactive Practices
The best way to keep weeds at bay in the summer months is to prepare for battle early through the use of proper Ottawa lawn irrigation and maintenance practices. Your two best lines of defence? Proper mowing practices, professional Ottawa lawn irrigation, and frequent fertilizer treatments.

The More You Know, the Better You'll Mow
Poor mowing practices can cause your lawn some serious harm, especially during the hot days of summer. When it comes time to cut your lawn, remember to lift your mower blade. Longer grass shades the soil, which helps with water and nutrient retention. If you're not sure how long you should leave your grass, we recommend consulting this useful chart from Ohio State University. This document outlines recommended mowing heights for a number of popular grass varieties.

While you're lifting your mower blade, also remember to stop and check the sharpness of the mower blade. Dull blades have a tendency to rip through your grass, rather than cleaning cutting it. This won't just leave your grass looking ragged, it will also leave it susceptible to disease. The weaker your lawn is, the easier it will be for weeds to move in and dominate your lawn.

Ottawa Lawn Irrigation Strengthens Roots
Strong lawns start with strong root systems. Bolster your turf's roots by administering regular, deep waterings a few times a week. This approach ensures that your Ottawa lawn irrigation has enough time to soak into the soil. If you currently stick to a schedule of daily light waterings, you're actually encouraging weed growth as weeds tend to root closer to the ground's surface. Contact Nutri-Lawn's Ottawa lawn irrigation department today to learn more about their residential and commercial inground sprinkler systems.

Manage Lawn Stress With Fertilizers
A potassium-rich fertilizer treatment can go a long way to preventing weed growth in your lawn, but only if you remember to administer it early in the spring. When applied early in the season, a potassium-based solution helps your lawn manage stressful situations by promoting nutrient absorption.

If you forgot to fertilize last month, now is not the time to overcompensate for your mistake. Your lawn is likely under a great deal of stress right now, thanks to the heat and unpredictable weather patterns. Instead of treating your turf with fertilizers, opt for a healthy helping of a nutrient-rich organic top dressing. This, along with a deep Ottawa lawn irrigation treatment or two, will help reintroduce nutrients and beneficial organisms back into your soil. More serious deficiencies shouldn't be treated until the fall when the temperatures have dropped and your lawn isn't nearly as stressed. 

Take a Natural Approach to Weed Treatment
If weeds are wrecking havoc on your lawn, don't declare defeat just yet. While preventative measures are the best way to save your lawn from summer weed suffocation, there are options for fighting existing weeds. Consider Nutri-Lawn's Fiesta Weed Killer, for instance. Developed in North America, Fiesta features a powerful iron compound that attacks weeds at a cellular level. Simply spray it directly on the offending culprit and wait. In a few days, the weed will have withered to the point that you can easily pull it out.

Don't let weeds weasel their way into your Ottawa lawn. Contact our Ottawa lawn irrigation and maintenance service providers today to book your summer weed control treatment.