A Closer Look at Lawn Fertilizers

A healthy and vibrant Ottawa lawn requires a balanced diet of nutrients and organic elements. While your lawn can produce many of the nutrients it needs naturally, elements like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen need to be added to your grass in order to keep it looking lush and green. Fertilizers are the most common way to feed your lawn, but just what type of nutrient combination does your Ottawa lawn need? Our commercial sprinkler system installers answer this question on an almost daily basis, so we thought it would beneficial to share some of the major points below.

Fertilizer Needs for Cool-Season Grass
Most of the grasses that grow in and around Ottawa are considered cool-season grasses. These varieties are characterized by two distinct growing periods: the first is in the spring after the lawn's return from winter dormancy, the second is during the early fall. Cool-season lawns look the best when fertilized regularly (the sprinkler system installers at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa recommend fertilizing four to five times throughout the spring and summer months). Cool-season grasses can be a little temperamental, especially if they receive too much nitrogen during the early spring, when your lawn has yet to green up. This is because adding nitrogen to a dormant lawn only encourages the growth of weeds and unwanted grasses. Our expert lawn care technicians recommend playing it safe and advise their clients to avoid using nitrogen-rich fertilizer formulas until your lawn is already showing signs of healthy growth.

Things to Remember About Fertilizers
1) Fertilizers can do more than just feed your lawn.
Many fertilizer formulas are designed as combination packs. This means that the application is designed to target multiple aspects of your Ottawa lawn's health. At Nutri-Lawn, our home sprinkler system and lawn care experts can provide you with a fertilizer treatment that also controls moss, manages weeds, or targets common pests.

2. Fertilizer works best with a commercial sprinkler system.
Ottawa lawns digest fertilizers best when the nutrients are applied to a well-watered yard. Remember to run your home or commercial sprinkler system regularly after applying fertilizer – if you don't, you run the risk of the nutrients burning your lawn. Fertilizing should help your Ottawa lawn, not hurt it!

3. Remove thatch for the best results.
An excess build-up of thatch can suspend the fertilizer in the grass leaves and inhibiting it from reaching the soil. Not only will your lawn not receive the proper amount of fertilizer, but you'll also run the risk of a nutrient burn on any current growth.

4. Every lawn is unique.
The perfect lawn care and irrigation schedule for your property depends on the unique needs of your lawn and your desired results. If you require help managing your lawn care needs don't hesitate to give the experts at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa a call. Our home sprinkler system specialists can provide you with a detailed lawn maintenance plan that includes proper irrigation, fertilization, and grooming services.

A fantastic lawn requires regular fertilizing. Contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today at 613-699-0768 or fill out our free online estimate form to request a professional consultation.