Handle Summer Lawn Stress with Nutri-Lawn

High temperatures, extreme humidity and a lack of moisture are bad enough for your turf; add in the insects and disease that comes along with these conditions and you've got a recipe for extreme lawn stress. Protecting your lawn from sweltering summer weather takes planning, preparation, and perseverance. Let the lawn care and inground sprinkler system specialists at Nutri-Lawn provide you with the tools and knowledge you need in order to keep your lawn healthy, fertile, and fantastic all summer long.

Even Healthy Lawns Can't Stand Heat
Healthy lawns have a much better chance of surviving heat and periods of extreme drought. This is because healthy lawns have extensive root systems. Unfortunately, even the strongest of lawns can suffer on a hot afternoon. During days of extreme heat, grass utilizes energy that's been stored in the root in order to sustain growth. The longer the heat holds, the harder it becomes for your grass to maintain it's healthy appearance. Your grass becomes more susceptible to disease the weaker it becomes, making summer the worst season for insect infestations and fungal issues. If your lawn is starting to feel the heat this summer, don't have a meltdown! The following tips from the lawn care and inground sprinkler system installers at Nutri-Lawn will help your lawn keep its cool all summer long.

Summer Lawn Stress Relievers
  1. Park Your Lawn Mower
    Grass becomes semi-dormant during periods of extreme heat. This means that it will grow much slower and require far less mowing. Since grass can lose moisture through the cut tips during periods of extreme drought, cutting back your weekly mowing routine will help your lawn conserve vital nutrients. When you do have to cut your lawn, make sure you raise the blade to a minimum height of 6 1/4 centimetres (2 inches). Cutting at a higher height will help protect your lawn from sun scorch, and ensure your grass blades stay strong and healthy.
  2. Water Smart
    Automatic sprinkler systems are great, but only if they're set properly. If you haven't had a Nutri-Lawn inground sprinkler system technician out to perform a seasonal maintenance check on your system, now is definitely the time to book your appointment. Remember: too much moisture can cause just as much harm to your lawn as drought, so don't try to overcompensate for the weather by overwatering. When you do turn your inground sprinkler system on, make sure it's on long enough to really soak in. The lawn care and automatic sprinkler installers at Nutri-Lawn also recommend scheduling your system to kick on in the early morning, before the heat of the day sets in.
  3. Keep Traffic to a Minimum
    If you've made a habit of cutting across your lawn in order to grab the mail or take the grass out, stop! The more traffic your vulnerable lawn experiences during a hot summer day, the more damage it will receive. The lawn care and inground sprinkler system experts at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa recommend restricting pets, people, and heavy machinery from accessing your grass. Too much traffic on your lawn can stress your lawn to the point where you may have to perform costly emergency lawn care maintenance.

Does your lawn need to de-stress? Then contact the lawn care and inground sprinkler system experts at Nutri-Lawn today! Book your free customer consultation right now.