Get Rid Of Grubs For Good

Are you having issues with white grubs in your yard this year?  Read on to learn how to use your irrigation services in Ottawa, and other proactive steps, to ban these pesky insects from your property for good. While it may seem like a strange solution, some of the best ways to banish grubs from your lawn start with preventative Ottawa irrigation services. 

What are white grubs?
White grubs actually come in two different forms: the June Beetle and the European Chafer.  The grub is simply the larvae form of each species. The June Beetle has a larvae that takes a full three years to complete its life cycle; the European Chafer has a much shorter lifespan at just one year.  This means you have up to three years, depending on the species, to use your irrigation services in Ottawa to get rid of these pests. 

Why are grubs bad for my yard?
Grubs can cause serious damage to your lawn.  They feed on the most important part of your turf: the roots.  As such, you'll begin to notice that a majority of the damage appears in the spring as you prepare your irrigation services in Ottawa for the upcoming summer.   However, the damage isn't actually being caused during this season.  In fact, a vast portion of the feeding occurs during the summer and fall months.  Grubs weaken the root systems so much during this growth period that it's practically impossible for your plant life to survive over the winter.

When it comes to preparing your lawn for grub season, it's important to note that the damage done to your yard during April and May is actually quite minimal.  Around this time, you should be prepping your yard for the upcoming grub season by properly fertilizing, irrigating and aerating your property. So what are you waiting for, make sure your Ottawa irrigation services are ready to wage war on hibernating grubs! 

Unwelcome guests
One of the unfortunate side effects of grubs is unwanted wildlife.  Raccoons, skunks, and other hungry grub-eaters can often be found gorging themselves on an infested lawn.  One sure sign that wildlife has found a home in your Ottawa lawn is the appearance of unexplainable holes. Click here for more information on these and other unfortunate side effects of grubs.

Preventative steps for grub control
There are a few things you should remember in order to prevent grubs from causing your yard severe damage:

  1. Take advantage of good Ottawa irrigation services. Having a watering system that will properly nourish your yard to create a healthy, dense root system can go a long way in protecting your grass and vegetables.  Our residential irrigation services in Ottawa can help you create a healthy yard. 
  2. Use nematodes.  Nematodes attack the grubs that are attacking your yard.  They are tiny roundworms that hunt down grubs and destroy them from the inside out.  Applied to your yard with water, they can oven obliterate a grub population in just a few short days.  Yet, nematodes are picky about the weather – ultraviolet rays from the sun can hurt these little worms.  Consult with Nutri-Lawn's experts today to learn how to properly apply these beneficial bugs to your lawn. 
  3. Keep your yard healthy.  Along with your Ottawa irrigation services, you should be taking other steps to increase the nourishment for your turf and plants.  Laying down topsoil and fertilizers can help strengthen your garden and grass enough to resist damage.

For the best Ottawa irrigation services, contact Nutri-Lawn's sprinkler system experts for your complimentary insect control quote today. But don't wait – grubs cause the most damage during the fall, so make sure you handle the problem now, before too much damage is done.