How To Avoid Water Wastage in Ottawa

With the rushing Ottawa River nearby, it's easy to forget that water is a valuable resource. Water wastage is a major problem both globally and domestically. It's a hard fact, but ordinary homeowners contribute to this environmental problem in a big way every single day. Between overuse of interior plumbing and improper use of inground irrigation in Ottawa, more water goes down the drain than you may realize. Low water prices in Canada only add to this problem.

We love the environment here at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa. The last thing we want to see is water being wasted on lawn care. That's why we're constantly looking for ways to create a greener, cleaner lawn. Here are some of the facts and tips we've accumulated over the years, so that you can help increase water conservation efforts.

We're water spoiled
Few Canadians realize how lucky we are to have the water sources that we have. According to a 1998 study, Canadian water prices are the lowest in the world based on municipal averages. The gaps in pricing are substantial, with Germany having water prices as hefty as $2.61 per cubic meter at the time. When compared to Canada's measly $0.31 per cubic meter, it sure puts a new perspective on monthly water bills.

Despite the study's vintage, Canada remains top on the list of most affordable water rates. With water as accessible as it is, it’s very easy for people to overwater their lawns. Think of how inexpensive your water bill would be if you practiced maximum water conservation. But how can we do this and still have a green lawn?

How much water is really wasted?
So, how big of an issue is water wastage really? Well, the average Canadian used an estimated 343 litres … per day! While we can make reference to home plumbing and other areas in which water is wasted, Nutri-Lawn Ottawa is focused on working out how water conservation can be achieved in lawn care. And numbers for that are just as dramatic. Approximately 50% of the water that an average homeowner uses to irrigate is lost to evaporation or run-off. This means that half – or more – of the water you pump into your lawn could be better used elsewhere.

How to end your contributions to waste
Update your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler system. Do you have our newest water conservation technologies? Rain sensors will help you conserve significant amounts of water. These handy devices detect how much rain water your lawn has received, and decides whether or not your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler system should run that morning. When it rains, your lawn won't get a double dose!

Your lawn needs less water than you think. Healthy grass only requires 1 to 2 inches of water every 5 to 7 days to remain strong and healthy. During a drought, it may require even less water. Many water conscious homeowners allow their lawns to go dormant during a drought to save water and money. While this brown lawn may look less appealing than it does when in its green splendour, this approach is less stressful for your grass.

Begin conserving water with a state-of-the-art inground irrigation system from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa. Get your complimentary quote today!