First Home, First Lawn Tips to Keep Things Looking Green

Owning a home for the first time can be an intimidating experience.  There are all kinds of new responsibilities and chores that come along with the package that you wouldn't have had to deal with in a rental.  For many, this is the first time that a lawn has become one of those responsibilities.  Don't let your grass make you green with anxiety.  Here are some tips from your friendly Ottawa sprinkler system installer. 

Pick a Good System and Ottawa Sprinkler System Installer
Moving is expensive.  So before you do anything else, you'll want to make sure you have a sprinkler system that isn't going to cost you more than you can afford.  Nutri-Lawn is an eco-friendly Ottawa sprinkler system installer, which means we want you to save on money in water, so that we can help save the environment.  Our systems try to conserve water as much as possible using techniques and tools like the rain sensor, which will sense when your lawn has already been watered with rain and turn off before the system waters your lawn unnecessarily.

Not only will a good system save you money, it will also encourage healthy, deep roots for your lawn.  Watering deeply in the early morning will stimulate root growth, so that your lawn can resist disease and insect infestations. 

Pick the Right Grass
Buying a house means having to learn about all the nuances that your new home will surprise you with.  It's unlikely that you know the exact type of soil of your new lawn, so make sure to get your soil tested.  Once you've figured out your soil type, you can pick the right grass for both the soil and the climate in which you live.  Sometimes this means completely re-seeding the lawn, and at other times it means just repairing and over-seeding dead or damaged areas.

Like having the right sprinkler system, having the right grass will prevent disease and insects.  It will ensure that you don't spend too much money and effort on watering your lawn, as your grass will be most acclimatised to your climate, therefore taking in as much water as possible. 

Aerate Your Lawn
Core aeration helps loosen compacted soil from the weight and burden that your lawn endures on a daily basis.  It also helps to remove the layer of thatch (lawn debris) that builds up around the top layer of your lawn.  Thatch is the ideal place for disease and insects, so you don't want too much of a build up, though some is inevitable. 

Furthermore, aeration makes it easier for oxygen, nutrients, and water to reach deeper into your soil.  This means that your lawn is getting the most out of your irrigation system, and that your grass roots are being encouraged to grow even deeper and stronger. 

Consider Water Conservation Techniques
Water conservation techniques are under used, but certainly useful.  A rain barrel is a great tool to begin using, so that your gardens and flowerbeds can be watered with rain water, rather than stressing your system and water bill.

Also, let your grass clippings remain on your lawn.  These release nutrients and water back into your lawn as they decompose. 

Here are a few more tools for water conservation from your local Ottawa sprinkler system installer, Nutri-Lawn. 

Don't let your lawn maintenance get you down.  Contact Nutri-Lawn for a quote from the most eco-friendly Ottawa sprinkler system installer.