How to Grow a Green Lawn This Year

Are you frustrated with your less-than-perfect lawn? Does it bother you that your turf contains ugly brown and yellow patches?  Having inground irrigation systems in your front and back yard can go a long way alleviate this problem and ensure that your yard is greener this summer.  However, Ottawa irrigation systems aren't the only tools you need to use in order to improve the health of your property. 

Install And Properly Adjust Inground Irrigation Systems
Watering correctly and at the right times is key to creating a beautiful, thick green yard.  Avoid over-watering, under-watering, and improper watering techniques.  These improper methods include short frequent watering, or nighttime watering. 

You should adjust your Ottawa irrigation systems to water your lawn deeply, and infrequently to encourage healthy, deep root growth.  The best time to water is early in the morning, though it is commonly believed to be at night.  Nighttime watering lets the water pool on the grass and encourages diseases to invade your damp grass. 

Talk to one of our specialists to ensure your Ottawa irrigation systems are accurately adjusted.  Read our "Four Watering Tips for Your Ottawa Lawn" blog to learn more about proper watering techniques. 

Feed Your Lawn
Turf, like any other living organism, needs to be properly nourished.  Use a balanced fertilizer to create a healthy yard. 

Fertilizing isn't as much a hassle as many homeowners believe it to be.  You only need to fertilize a few times a year.  In fact, over-fertilizing can be just as bad for your lawn as not fertilizing at all.  Think of it as a balanced diet for your lawn.

Weed Out The Troublemakers as Soon as Possible
Weed management ensures that your turf, rather than weeds, enjoys the benefits of regular irrigation and environmentally friendly lawn care. 

Beginning to tackle weeds when they are scarce is the best way to prevent spreading.  Look for weed control methods that prevent the weeds before they start.  Our eco-friendly weed management options will work beautifully in partnership with your Ottawa irrigation systems.

Clover may also be a good thing to consider for your yard.  These tiny plants choke weeds, while also storing nitrogen for your yard.  If you find some on your property, the best thing to do is let it flourish.

Fill Up The Bare Patches
Sometimes your lawn simply cannot repair itself. After a long, hard winter, patches of your yard may not be able to make it through until spring, causing bald spots.  Seed these areas early, and fully. 

Core Aeration Cures
Core aeration enables the roots of your grass to grow deeper by allowing water from your inground irrigation systems to go further into the soil.  This stops your lush grass from drying out and dying. 

Core aeration also makes it easier for your grass root system to access and retain fertilizer and oxygen.  Nutri-Lawn experts can properly aerate your yard this year to help you achieve a greener lawn. 

Rake Your Yard
This clears debris and thatch to allow nutrients and water to soak into your lawn.  Debris and thatch build up over the winter and decompose slowly. If you haven't yet, contact one of our lawn care professionals to book a dethatching treatment.

From inground irrigation to deep core aeration, there are many ways to improve the health and vitality of your Ottawa lawn. Contact the Ottawa inground irrigation specialists at Nutri-Lawn today to learn more about these and other lawn greening techniques.