Fix Common Lawn Problems Without Pesticides

Pests and diseases on your lawn can really cause problems for your property maintenance and irrigation in Ottawa.  With the pesticide ban, solving these pests can feel like a real pain.  However, there are solutions that will help you get the job done.  Here are a few fixes that are safe, legal, and environmentally friendly.

Corn Gluten Meal
Getting frustrated with weeds sucking the life out of your plants?  After you have spent time and energy planning your irrigation in Ottawa so it's just right, it can be frustrating to watch all of that water just go to weeds rather than your grass.  It's time to get rid of these plant-choking pests.  Corn gluten meal is a natural product made from the processing of corn.  When applied to your lawn, it will dehydrate the weeds in your garden, and stop those weeds from germinating further.  The best part is that you don't need to worry about any of the product harming your grass. 

Corn gluten meal further supplements your irrigation in Ottawa by providing nutrients to your grass, as well.  It works well on dandelions and crab grass. 

Alter Your Water Schedule
If your grass is patchy or drying out, it may be that your watering schedule isn't fit for your lawn.  The first thing you need to do is test your soil to find out what you're working with.  From there, our experts on irrigation in Ottawa will be able to help you figure out how much water your soil can absorb at a time. 

Next, switch your irrigation time to the early morning if that's not already when it is.  Letting your water sit on your lawn over night will bring diseases and mildew.  Watering in the afternoon will prevent your lawn from absorbing all of the water.  Early morning provides a cool temperature, without letting the water sit on the leaves for eight hours.

Finally, make sure to water your lawn infrequently, for long periods.  Your lawn needs about an inch of water every four to five days, or for hot periods, every three to four.  If you provide your lawn this inch in one large bout, your grass roots will have to reach further for the water as it trickles through the soil.  This encourages deep, healthy roots that will be able to resist diseases and insects. 

​White Grub Patches
Sometimes patches aren't from under watering, but from white grubs.  If this is the case, you won't need anything but beneficial nematodes to get rid of them.  These little creatures wriggle through the soil to find the grubs and kill them.  They're highly effective, safe, and organic. 

Nematodes like moist climates.  This means that Nutri-Lawn usually applies these grub predators on rainy days, or else when you can ensure that your soil will be moist with your irrigation in Ottawa for them to do their work. 

Aeration to Prevent Compaction
Think of all the weight your soil endures: feet (heavy and small), the lawn mower, pets, sports equipment, and yard tools.  Is it any wonder your soil is compacted?  Compacted soil will make it difficult for your lawn to full absorb nutrients and water.  Core aeration is a full safe way to solve that problem, without the use of any sort of chemical products. 

Bring proper irrigation in Ottawa to your lawn today with a complimentary quote from Nutri-Lawn.