Seven Easy Lawn Care Steps from Nutri-Lawn

Tired of time-consuming lawn care chores? Speed up your seasonal lawn care requirements with these seven easy tips from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa.

1. Let In Some Air

Having trouble managing a high traffic lawn? It could be because the soil has become compacted. Over time, the soil beneath your turf can be crushed to the point that very little air or water can penetrate the surface. Starving the lawn of these important nutrients will cause it to brown and eventually die. Luckily, the experts in Nutri-Lawn's turf irrigation department can help you solve this problem with a core aeration treatment.

Adding regular aeration to your Ottawa turf care regiment will go a long way to improving the health and vitality of your lawn. Aerating your lawn involves punching holes in the soil in order to improve air and moisture circulation.

2. Turf Irrigation is of the Utmost Importance

If you want a healthier, greener turf, all it takes is a little inground irrigation. Water your grass deeply and less often with a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa turf irrigation system. This type of watering method will allow the roots to grow deeper in the soil, as well as improve your turf's water retention during periods of drought.

The ideal watering schedule involves giving your grass about an inch of water, once or twice per week. Of course, you will need to allow for adjustments based on local weather, the soil type, and the different species of grasses that are growing in your lawn.

3. Freshen Things Up with Fertilizer

It's important that you feed your lawn a diet that's geared towards optimal growth. Fertilizing your lawn in the early spring and late fall will keep it looking lush and healthy all year long. Don't forget about your trees and shrubs too! A deep root fertilization treatment will help both your lawn and your landscape remain hearty all growing season long.

4. Start "Grass-cycling"

Why rake up your grass clippings when you can "grass-cycle" them into mulch? Simply spread your clippings out evenly on your lawn and voilà – you've created an organic fertilizer treatment. When left on your lawn, grass clippings will decompose and return nutrients to the soil. Clippings will also help your soil retain more moisture from your Ottawa turf irrigation system.  

5. Consider a Compost Pile

If you have an awful lot of grass clippings on your lawn, consider using a portion of them to create a compost pile. And while you're at it, don't forget to toss in your organic kitchen waste as well! Adding compost to the soil of your lawn is one of the best things you can do to improve the health and vitality of your grass.

6. Be Careful How High You Cut

A good rule of thumb to stick with when cutting your lawn is this: never go lower than 2 inches. If you cut your lawn too short, you could risk serious damage. For more information on mowing height recommendations, simply ask one of our Nutri-Lawn turf irrigation specialists for details.

7. Go Au Natural

From corn gluten meal to Fiesta Weed Killer, Nutri-Lawn Ottawa offers a full range of environmentally friendly bio-herbicides. Designed to kill weeds and fertilize at the same time, these natural treatments are a great addition to any turf management program.

Enhance your Ottawa turf irrigation program with these simple tips from Nutri-Lawn. Contact our offices at
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