Count Your Blessings: Be Grateful for Grass

Grass has been maligned as not very environmentally friendly.  Despite the bad rap, turfgrass is actually beneficial not only to our environment, but to our overall mental and physical health.  It’s a resilient and useful feature when it comes to landscaping.  It creates a play space for people.  It’s cooling and can prevent soil erosion.  It increases filtration of water and cleans the water that passes through.  So before you rip out your Ottawa inground irrigations and ban your lawn from your life, hear our plea: grass is good!  Read on for our reasons why.

The Environmental Benefits of Grass
The environmental benefits of grass are plenty.  For starters, if you compare to bare ground as the alternative, grass reduces surrounding temperatures by 30 to 40 degrees.  Think of them as nature’s natural air conditioners (minus the outrageous electricity bill) – something we can all be grateful for in the scorching summers. 

Not only that, but grass filters like a champ.  It absorbs carbon dioxide and other noxious gasses and it does so while releasing oxygen back to us.  How’s that for being a strong team player?

But perhaps its largest contribution is the cleansing of the water supply through the roots of your lawn.  You made an investment by installing your Ottawa inground irrigation system, so your grass filtering the water that you irrigate with is a nice return on that investment. 

Best of all?  Grass does all this hard work for free!

How Our Ottawa Inground Irrigation Benefits Your Recreational Activities
Your grass requires a high quality of irrigation in order to become the soft, lush, outdoor carpet that you and your family use come playtime. 

Let’s face it, a big, lush lawn is an inexpensive place to play, relax, or be athletic.  It’s a comfortable picnic spot, and a convenient place for a game of tag.  Moreover, the softness of the grass and the soil makes it a low-impact location for all of your athletic endeavors.  Who doesn’t want to get their heart pumping while minimizing the damage to their joints?

However, if the grass is left to wither and dry up, it will be a less comfortable, less pleasant experience.  Which is why you need one of our Ottawa inground irrigation systems to keep your lawn watered and soft.  Our intelligent systems can sense the groundwater level and will only water if it feels your lawn is getting dehydrated.

Your Grass and Your Mental Health
Humans are a shallow folk.  We love things that are beautiful and naturally gravitate towards those things.  Just imagine how a pristine, emerald, lush lawn looks.  Does it not add beauty to your home environment?  Do you not want to spend time around it?  Is every moment of labouring to make it perfect not worth it in the end?

The benefits of being outside, among nature to our mental health have been well documented.  Think of grass (and other plants and animals) as nature’s anti-depressant. And guess what? This prescription is infinitely refillable and you will never be charged for a dispensing fee!

Inground irrigation systems from Nutri-Lawn can make your lawn the environmentally friendly, place of recreational beauty you always dreamed it could be.  Investing in your lawn is an investment in the environment, your spare time, and your mental health.  To make your grass the best possible grass it can be, contact Nutri-Lawn for a free quote.