How to Use Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Services to Help Drainage

It's almost that time of year again! Time to dust off the lawn mower and start up your irrigation system. Unfortunately, with this routine comes the hassle of snowmelt and drainage issues. Basement leakage and over-watered lawns are common predicaments for many Ottawa homeowners, particularly with the rainy season on its way. Fortunately, you can adjust your irrigation system to prevent leakage. Read on for professional tips from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa.

Don't Overwater Your Lawn
Many homeowners make the easy mistake of rushing to start up their irrigation system. While it is, of course, important to keep your lawn well watered, it is just as important to avoid overwatering. Before you get too hasty with starting up your irrigation services, check if there are rain storms in the forecast, and that all the snow has been melted. If you begin irrigating too soon you will end up with a lake instead of a lawn, which could spawn lawn diseases.

A good rule to follow for your irrigation program is to allow your lawn 1" to 2" of water weekly. If you get that much rain in a week, or if you think that the snow melt has produced that much excess water, then it's unlikely your grass needs anymore irrigation. When you use an irrigation system with a real-time weather sensor from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, your irrigation system takes the work out of monitoring the amount of water your grass receives. 

Water Conserving Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Services
Water conservation techniques for your Ottawa irrigation program will do more than save resources and protect your bank account. These practices will also prevent your lawn from being overwatered, or from water getting into your basement.

A popular and simple water conservation technique is the rain barrel. Placing rain barrels around your yard in areas where drip is the worst – under eaves troughs, trees, and so on – will minimize the amount of water that collects on your lawn. It will also provide you with water to irrigate your gardens.

Use Trenches and Drains
If your lawn has serious drainage issues, it could be because the water doesn't have an escape route. In that case, one of the most effective techniques recommended by Nutri-Lawn Ottawa is to dig trenches, or French drains, to lead the water away from your lawn.

Trenches can also be used for water conservation practices by directing the flow to your gardens. This form of irrigation system has been used since the earliest agricultural civilizations, and continues to this day to be a useful technique.

Shift the Snow
As mentioned above, overwatering can kill your lawn. So when large piles of snow are allowed to sit on patches of grass, your lawn is more likely to be ruined and your basement flooded. The soil in that patch won't be able to soak up the excessive amounts of water when the snow melts. As the snow begins to pile up, shift it around so that you don't face uneven dead patches in the future.

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