Lawn Rust Leads to Lawn Car Problems

Most Ottawa homeowners have come across lawn rust at one point or another. One of the lesser lawn care problems, rust is actually a great lawn maintenance warning sign for amateur gardening enthusiasts. The minute it begins to appear on your property, pick up the phone and contact your Ottawa inground sprinkler system technician. Chances are your lawn is in need of a little TLI – tender loving irrigation!

Golden Grass

Lawn rust gets its name from its dirty orange colour rather than it's chemical make up. When rust appears on your Ottawa lawn, it's due to a spreading fungal infection. Fungal sporulation occurs once the rust "powder" has taken hold on the inside of the grass's vasculature. While the fungus itself is virtually harmless, it can become a bit of a nuisance. If left untreated, the powder will eventually coat your entire lawn, turning it (and anything that comes in contact with your turf) a bright golden hue.

Poor Water Management And How It Impacts Your Lawn

When it comes to finding the root cause of lawn rust, the answer is almost always a mixture of poor water management and nitrogen deficiency. When combined, these two factors slow down the growth of your turf, making it more susceptible to infections.

Say, for example, that your Ottawa inground sprinkler system is oversaturating your property. High levels of moisture will cause the nitrogen levels of your soil to drop, making it easy for rust to set in. If your lawn is too dry, your soil will again lack the nutrients necessary to maintain the proper chemical balance.

How Inground Irrigation Helps

In order to improve the health of your Ottawa lawn, you'll need to ensure that your turf is receiving a sufficient amount of water each and every day. Luckily, modern inground irrigation systems make this easy! Automatic sprinkler systems take the guesswork out of grass irrigation, providing you with clear and consistent water management. Efficient and effective, Ottawa inground sprinkler systems make it easy to monitor and maintain the nitrogen levels of your lawn.

What If It Isn't Irrigation?

If your irrigation schedule is in tip-top condition, your rust issue could be the result of poor grass seed selection. Seeding your lawn with a hearty variety of grass seed could be just what you need to keep rust at bay. If this is the case, consider asking our Ottawa inground sprinkler technicians about one of Nutri-Lawn's overseeding applications. A lush, full lawn has a much better chance of fending of frustrating fungus infections.

Applying a nitrogen-rich fertilizer or organic top-dressing will also help improve your lawn's disease resistance.

What's the best way to banish lawn rust from your property for good? By contacting Nutri-Lawn, of course! Lawn rust is a sure sign that your Ottawa turf is suffering from malnutrition or improper irrigation. Contact the inground irrigation experts at Nutri-Lawn today for more information on our inground sprinkler set-ups.