Bugs That Can Benefit Your Lawn

When it comes to lawn bugs, don’t lose your cool. Not all bugs are bad news, especially when it comes to your Ottawa lawn care and irrigation plan. Many bugs can actually benefit your turf, protecting it from harmful fungus and disease. So, before you start concocting homemade insecticides, contact the inground sprinkler system specialists at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa. A better understanding of local bugs will not only help reduce your lawn maintenance needs, but it will also improve the overall health of your lawn.

Predatory Bugs Protect Your Ottawa Lawn

Healthy lawns house a wide variety of insect inhabitants, including predators. Predatory insects are mobile bugs known for searching out their prey. Most have sucking mouthparts that are used to penetrate the soft bodies of their victims and suck out the internal fluids. Another popular type has chewing mouthparts that enable the insect to feed on the entire body or their prey. The following are a few familiar predators commonly encountered during a routine Ottawa lawn maintenance session:

  • Ants: Carnivorous ants like to seek out insects that are soft-bodied organisms to provide provisions for their colony. Ants are also extremely helpful when it comes to aerating your soil. The constant march of millions of ant feet helps your soil to avoid compaction while at the same time improving the breakdown of organic matter. Just don't be too friendly to these predators. If their population becomes excessive, it could cause your soil to dry out.
  • Spiders: Spiders, while not necessarily insects, are extremely efficient predators and beneficial lawn bugs. This is because they enjoy feasting on a wide range of immature insects and mites. A healthy level of eight-legged activity in your lawn can help you avoid a wide range of lawn care problems, and reduce your Ottawa lawn irrigation maintenance needs.
  • Ground Beetles: One of the most common predatory insects in Canada, the ground beetle is a quick moving, "seek and destroy" type bug. Both adults and larvae feed on soft-bodied insects.

Enhance Your Lawn Maintenance in Ottawa with Parasites

Not all parasites cause problems in your lawn. Since parasites feed off of a host organism, they are extremely effective at killing off problematic pests. Take wasps, for example. Wasps lay eggs in soft-bodied insects and, contrary to popular belief, they rarely sting or bite.

Beneficial Nematodes: A True Team Player

When it comes to enhancing your Ottawa lawn maintenance plan, look no further than beneficial nematodes. Nematodes, or round worms as they are often referred to, are an extremely efficient and effective weapon in the fight against grubs, sod webworms, and leather jackets. Unlike pesticides, they are 100% organic and safe, which means your kids and pets can continue to play on the lawn following treatment.

Don't bug-out over common lawn and garden bugs. Contact a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler system specialist for more information on beneficial insects.