Benefits of the Push Mower: Creating an Eco-Friendly Irrigation System

With spring here, and summer on its way, water conservation is a key ingredient to obtaining a healthy, green lawn. The first step is getting irrigation services that work for the needs of your lawn without straining resources. Next, at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa we recommend bringing back the push mower. The concept of the push mower may seem daunting to some homeowners, but the benefits are far more numerous than you may expect. A push mower can be a nice addition to your lawn care routine to get the most out of your lawn. Not sure yet? Read on to find out how a push mower can supplement your approach to lawn care and irrigation.

Leave the Clippings
With a push reel mower, it's easy and convenient to leave the grass clippings behind. Despite the fact that some homeowners don't like the look of grass clippings on your lawn, clippings can benefit your grass and reduce the strain on your irrigation system. This is particularly true during a drought, when the use of irrigation services is dramatically reduced. Grass clippings are made up mostly of water, and when they decompose, they release water and nitrogen into your soil. These are two substances that are absolutely necessary to the health of your lawn.

Remember, though, that while grass clippings aid in keeping your lawn green and healthy, they should not be the only source of water and nitrogen for your lawn. You'll still need to keep up a proper watering schedule with your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa irrigation services in order to ensure the survival of your grass in the upcoming summer months.

Create Healthier Grass
Push reel mowers offer a superior, premium cut for your lawn over common gas-powered mowers. Gas powered mowers tend to tear at grass blades, creating an uneven, and therefore unhealthy, cut. Torn blades welcome diseases by weakening your lawn. This means your lawn is going to get less out of your irrigation system, as fungi and diseases soak up the water instead.

Push reels have a more refined cut than gas-powered, and chop your grass rather than tear at it. This creates a healthier cut that is stronger to protect against fungi and disease, allowing your lawn to benefit from a proper irrigation schedule, rather than risking unwanted bacteria growth.

Reduce Pollution
When you use a mower that doesn't use fuel, your pollution emissions are going to be nil. This means that in general, your lawn is going to be healthier. When you don't have fuel, oil, and other machinery fluids leaking onto your lawn, your grass will take less damage.

Furthermore, the weight of a gas-powered mower is more likely to compact your lawn and reduce the amount of water coming from your irrigation system that actually makes it to your grass roots. While Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can correct this compaction with aeration, it's good to avoid increasing compaction unnecessarily. 

Save Money for Irrigation Services
Less fuel, less maintenance = less cost. When you don't have to spend money on gas or maintenance, except perhaps to sharpen the blades from time to time, your push mower saves you exponentially. A cost-effective mower added to eco-friendly Nutri-Lawn Ottawa irrigation services means that you'll save money and other lawn care services.

Get started with irrigation services to complement your eco-friendly lawn care practices today with your complimentary quote from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa.