Why Grass Cycling is Not the Enemy

Fill up the bag, empty the bag. Fill it, empty it. That's the tedious job many go through when they cut their lawn each week. What would you think if you found out you didn't have to bag your lawn clippings? In fact, bagging your lawn clippings is actually working against the health of your lawn. When you're choosing from the variety of Ottawa lawn services out there, keep the bags away from the mower. Let those clippings fall, and soon enough, you'll realize why "grass cycling" is actually a good thing, and will lead to a healthier, hardier lawn.

Why Should Grass Cycling Be An Essential Ottawa Lawn Service?

If you grass cycle your lawn, you'll know it. Why? Because you'll save time and likely enjoy a healthier lawn. Simply put, grass cycling is leaving your grass clippings after mowing on the lawn rather than raking or bagging your grass. There are many reasons why real Ottawa lawn service professionals grass cycle. For one, the clippings decompose quickly providing a natural fertilizer and returning nutrients to your soil. Coupled with a lawn irrigation system, grass cycling will also help retain water in your soil and slow evaporation, much the way mulch does in your gardens. In addition to the benefits for your lawn, grass cycling will save you time, and will also save the environment by sending less plastic bags filled with grass to the landfill.

Grass Cycling Tips For Healthy Lawn Care Service

When considering implementing grass cycling into your lawn care maintenance, here are the tips that will help your lawn look its best:

  • Mow your lawn when it's dry: Cutting your lawn when it is wet will cause an uneven cut, and an uneven distribution of the clippings. Large clumps of wet grass can also hurt your lawn rather than help. Similarly, wet grass can clog your lawnmower, or the weight of your mower on wet grass can cause ruts in your lawn. To help regulate your lawn's moisture, consider installing a lawn sprinkler system as a part of your Ottawa lawn services program.
  • Don't let it get shaggy: Just like your hair, your lawn looks better with regular maintenance. Cutting your lawn regularly will keep the clippings smaller allowing them to break down easily and fertilize your soil. Letting your lawn grow too long can clog your mower and leave unsightly clumps of grass on your property. If you cut your lawn too short, you may need to increase your watering regiment temporarily, which will negatively impact your water conservation efforts and cost you money. Similarly, when you cut your hair, you don't want to use dull scissors. When you cut your lawn, using a sharp mower blade will allow faster growth and healing for your grass, keeping your lawn thick and healthy, and minimizing the risk of disease or weeds.
  • Leave the grass alone: The most crucial component of grass cycling, is to simply leave the grass on the ground. When you cut the lawn, don't rake, don't blow, don't bag; just leave the clippings on the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grass Cycling

  • When should I start grass cycling? The ideal time to start grass cycling is when your lawn is already green and has grown to be the correct height for mowing (approximately 3 inches, or 5-6 centimeters). If you wait until the grass is too long, the clippings will lay on top of the lawn, rather than penetrating the soil. If you cut it too short, you can reduce root growth, cause increase water evaporation, and open the door for weeds.
  • Does grass cycling cause thatch? No. Thatch forms just beneath the surface of the lawn and is composed of stems and roots, not grass clippings. If your lawn is falling victim to thatch, be sure to check out our dethatching Ottawa lawn service.
  • If you have more questions, please feel free to review the Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Lawn Services FAQs. 

Incorporating grass cycling into your Ottawa lawn care regiment can begin to show positive benefits within the first few cuts. Contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today for more details about this organic lawn care option.