Go Green with Clover

After a long week at work, the last thing you want to do is come home to more work. Unfortunately, having a lawn means lawn maintenance. Though your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler systems can help take away some of that work, there's still weekly maintenance that requires attention. But what if there weren't? Think of how much of your weekend you'd gain for spending time with the kids or for a little R&R. Realize that dream with a clover lawn.

Clover lawns are a green solution recommended by Nutri-Lawn Ottawa for the busy homeowner's lawn maintenance woes.  Clover takes the cultural work out of your lawn care, and leaves your inground irrigation systems to do the rest. Not sure you can believe your eyes? Read on to find out how clover can benefit you.

Deny drought damage
During a drought, it's necessary to turn off your inground irrigation systems. When this happens, grass lawns go into dormancy or in some instances, die. Either way, your lawn becomes brown. Clover lawns, on the other hand, aren't bothered by drought. They maintain a luscious verdant state regardless of if your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler systems are allowed to operate.

Clover lawns naturally have deeper root systems than grass, which take a lot of work to grow strong, deep roots. This means that clover roots can find water even in the furthest depths of your soil, and are sturdy enough to resist damage from dry conditions in a way that grass can't.

Even in regular conditions, your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler systems won't be required to run as often. Talk to a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa residential inground irrigation systems expert to find out how you can reschedule your systems to run infrequently on a clover lawn.

Clover feeds itself
Clover uses a process called nitrogen fixation. This process takes nitrogen from the atmosphere, changes it into useful fertilization, and deposits it into the soil to enrich the lawn and nourish your clover. Because of this process, your clover lawn will require absolutely no additional fertilizer. In fact, clover tends to flourish in areas with low nutrient soil, particularly soil that lacks nitrogen. Once clover arrives, that soil will be transformed into a nitrogen-rich haven.

Don't let weeds get you down
As mentioned above, clover has nice deep root systems, which make it resistant to drought but also to weed damage. Weeds have a harder time taking hold of clover and strangling it the way they do with grass lawns. With no weeds, you'll decrease the amount of pesticides and herbicides used in your lawn care, further increasing your eco-friendly status.

No more patchy grass from Spot
Every dog owner has dealt with the damage caused by their furry companion's bathroom duties. Dog urine creates brown, patchy spots on grass lawns. Clover lawns, however, resist the damage from acidic dog urine, and remain green and healthy.

Stash the mower
As with inground irrigation systems, your lawn mower is going to see a lot less run time with a clover lawn. Clover doesn't require mowing the way grass does. It rarely ever needs a trim, which lets you keep your lawn care budget from being spent on fuel.

Go green this spring with Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler systems. Receive your complimentary estimate from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today with our online consultation form.